Zwangerschapsdiscriminatie at work barely decreased

Zwangerschapsdiscriminatie at work barely decreased

Pregnant women and young mothers still suffer from discrimination at work. They must, however, rarely a complaint about their employer or trade union, because they think that they can find no results to achieve.

Only one in seven women made the past four years, an official notification, according to research from the College for the protection of Human Rights. Thousands of women who were pregnant between march 2012 and march 2016 responded to the survey of TNS NIPO.

It is striking that the number of reports to the college over the past five years have increased from an average of fifteen notifications per year to 44 per year. That is probably due to campaigns by the college in 2013 and 2015, the organisation.

Furthermore, the research shows that now almost as many women (43 percent) suffer from possible discrimination due to pregnancy or motherhood as in 2012 (45 percent).


One in ten women is through pregnancy a promotion, salary increase, or education is lost. That they were specifically told by their supervisor or employer. Discrimination is further for, at the conclusion or termination of a contract of employment and regulate working conditions.

So it was that approximately 11 percent of women during a recruitment process is explicitly rejected because of pregnancy, motherhood or having a desire for children, according to the College for the protection of Human Rights.

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