Zuckerberg’s Hawaii neighbors hate rock wall surrounding the property


Neighbors of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Hawaii are not happy about the rock he has built his house on the north shore island of Kauai.

Retired Moku Crain told the Associated Press Tuesday, the wall looks daunting and forbidding. Crain hopes and expected that Zuckerberg will soften the wall, looking through the plants of foliage.

“Where it used to be, when we drove along the road we saw the ocean and look through the house, closing the view,” Crain said. “So I think that’s a part of. No one likes change.”

Crain said the wall was about 6 metres high and another existing wall on the property about 4 feet. Few people would complain if the new wall was the same height, Crain predicted.

Lindsay Andrews, a spokeswoman for the billionaire is Kauai exploitation of real estate, says the wall is designed to reduce the highway and the sound of the road. Similar walls are routinely used for this purpose, ” she said. The wall follows all the rules and regulations, ” she said.

“Our entire team remains committed to ensure that the development respects the local landscape and environment, and is considerate of neighbors,” she said in a statement.

Other Sorts of neighbors, told The garden Island that the wall was oppressive, blocks the breeze and the view and “does not feel neighborly.”

“It is immense,” Gy Hall, a resident, said in an interview with the West Hawaii Today. “It’s really sad that someone would come and buy a large piece of land and the first thing they do is cut off this point of view that is already available and appreciated by the community here for years.”

Others have also described it as a “monstrosity.” Residents have also put up signs on the wall urging Zuckerberg to take it down.

But a software engineer, Brian Catlin said the fence looks nice. He said that it was an improvement on the barbed wire fence that was there. He said that the complaining was limited to “only a few crybabies” and “no one else cares.”

“If they wanted to protect the view, they should have bought that land,” Catlin said. “He paid a lot of money for so he can do what he wants.”

Catlin was the rock wall was less than 6 feet high, because that is how long he is and he looks over.

Thomas Beebe is a supporter of Zuckerberg’s wall.

“I find that it enhances the natural beauty of the country, in the right way makes use of local materials, and serves as a tasty reminder of an old method of defining boundaries,” he said.

Forbes reported Zuckerberg paid more than $100 million for the property, which stretches over more than 700 acres on the coast, in 2014.

Catlin said that it’s a good thing Zuckerberg bought the property because a previous owner had plans for the construction of a housing development on a portion of it, which would have increased cars and traffic.

The garden Island newspaper reported in 2014 that a 357 acre portion of the property called the Kahuaina plantation had been divided for 80 luxury homes of up to seven acres a piece.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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