Zorginstituut advises NIP-test not include in basic package

Zorginstituut advises NIP-test not include in basic package

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The Zorginstituut the Netherlands advises the minister of Health, Edith Schippers NIP test for pregnant women from the basic health insurance to reimburse you.

That writes the Volkskrant on Wednesday. The NIP test, you will hear according to the Zorginstituut not at home in the basic insurance, and would only by the insurance are to be covered on medical grounds.

The Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPS) may grant exemptions to demonstrate to the unborn child, such as the syndromes of Down, Edwards and Patau. The test is april 1, available for all pregnant women, who have the blood test in the hospital can be carried out.

This could only be women in whom the blood test an increased risk of Down came the blood test. Thanks grant, there is up to 2020 annually 26 million, can pregnant women test for 175 euro decrease.

The Zorginstituut the Netherlands states that the NIP-test should only be reimbursed if there is a medical need for it. A new cabinet must be within two years, to decide whether the arrangement expires, is renewed or that the test in the basic health insurance.

Earlier this year pitched the Belgian company Gendia an interim order because the subsidy scheme would be contrary to the European regulations. The company that made this test also on Dutch pregnant women and offers to ask for the test is 590 euro and will not be eligible for the grant. That indictment was dismissed.

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