Zoo forced to all mammals on birth control

Multi-ethnic group of children (7 to 11 years) in the zoo. Focus on the giraffe and the boy in the foreground feeding the giraffe.


Thanks, in all probability, a tb-infected badger, a zoo in England has up to 60 species of mammals about birth control through injections, implants, tablets, and Iuds, according to the BBC.

And, yes, that lions and tigers, according to the Times. The big cats need to knock out with a dart gun to receive their birth control injection.

The Telegraph reports 11 antelope in Paignton Zoo had to be killed last summer after one was found to be infected with TB. The disease is believed to have originated with a tie.

The government rules say that no animals can be transferred from the zoo to the end of the year at the earliest to prevent the spread of TB. That left the zoo is concerned about the overcrowding.

As part of her breeding program, Paignton usually sends animals hundreds of zoos all over the world. Now if it doesn’t stop with mammals from breeding, it would run out of space.

“We must prevent the overpopulation, but we still need to be in a position to take part in breeding programs if the restrictions are lifted,” says Ghislaine Sayers, the zoo, the head of the vocational education.

“So we need temporary solutions.” There are risks associated with giving the animals birth control: It can wear out too quickly and enable them to become pregnant; it can cause young animals to be sterile; and it can lead to male animals to lose muscle.

“Animals are individuals, so—just like people—some contraceptives for some better than others,” Sayers says. The zoo is in consultation with experts in Europe and will be the testing of animals for TB again in six months.

It is also planning on improving the fencing to keep badgers. (The diet of the gorillas in captivity could be killing them.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Zoo Forced to All Mammals on birth control

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