‘Zonnebrandpillen’ are not safe according to KWF

‘Zonnebrandpillen’ are not safe according to KWF

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

The DUTCH Cancer society warns against the use of zonnebrandpillen of the American brand Heliocare.

The pills would ‘protect against sunburn, the cellular DNA repair to skin cancer prevented and a homogeneous and uniform protection of the whole body surface area’.

But the pills, which through multiple online sales channels to be sold, these promises are not true, reports the KWF to the NIS.

“With this product, you are not protected, there is no scientific evidence for. Only these pills to swallow is unwise. What is proven is, is that you can protect you from the dangers of uv radiation by the surface, the shade between 12 and 15 hours and wearing protective clothing.”

No scientific evidence

Also Foundation Melanoma warns for the use of the so-called zonnebrandpillen. “Our advice is this dietary supplements, because that is what they are, absolutely do not use in place of sunscreen to protect yourself from burning. There is no scientific proof that the pills would help against sunburn.”

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