Zonderland will not going to five vluchtelementen in a row in contest to do

Zonderland will not going to five vluchtelementen in a row in contest to do

Epke zonderland will be is not going to be the five vluchtelementen behind the other where he is this year on trains in competitions. Want to the Olympic champion on the high bar 2012 the series into two parts to run.

In June put zonderland will be a video on Facebook in which he five vluchtelementen behind each other did on the high bar: Cassina, Kovacs, layout Kovacs, Kolman and Gaylord 2.

“Five behind each other, I’m not in a contest. But first, two and then three,” says zonderland will be at FOX Sports. “I try to be that stable to get to the training, it is a serious matter.”

During its golden exercise on the 2012 Games was zonderland will be the first turner that three vluchtelementen behind each other showed. Later trained the Frieze on four elements in a row, but he found it too risky for competitions.

During the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 is a new puntencode allowed to five vluchtelementen to perform. Previously, it was four the maximum.


After the failed Games in Rio de Janeiro, where zonderland will be the result of a fall in addition to the medals grabbed, he has the artistic gymnastics, for a period of time on a lower priority. The medical student ran co-shelves.

“That was nice, especially because I now for a long period of time did. Then you’ll get better in, so it went me better than that short practice periods.”

“It was good to find that I also really enjoyed,” says the 31-year-old turner. “But at the end of such a period of the traineeship, you also really want to train, so that is also a confirmation that I wasn’t done with it.”

World cup

Zonderland will focus now on the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in October in canada, Montreal to be held. “I have five months to prepare myself for, so I’m now about halfway through. That’s not any different than I am used to, I’m on the right track,” says zonderland will.

He wants yet not be too far in the future. “I already have in my planning to also go to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and world cup of 2018. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS is in August, which is also beneficial is related to the internship that I after this world cup still going to do. And the world cup connect actually in October, so there I go also.”

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