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The sun, the sea, the beach, a lot of people are looking forward to the summer. However, not everyone is happy with a small percentage of the Dutch population suffers from a zomerdepressie. What does it mean and how does it work? Claudi bockting think about is a professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry, to do a lot of research on depression, provides an answer.
What is a zomerdepressie?

Bockting think about it: “A zomerdepressie is roughly the same as a normal depression, but it comes and goes with the summer season. For people with a zomerdepressie have the problem that the longer the period of light, the sun is shining and it’s warm. Symptoms include sadness, loss of interest, and will no longer be able to enjoy it. If this is coupled with lack of sleep, lack of concentration, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal ideation, there may be a depression is created. If you are not able to function, work, and life, is depression a matter of fact.”

How many Dutch people are suffering from a zomerdepressie?

“About seventeen or eighteen thousand Dutch citizens are all affected. That’s about one in a thousand. It is much less common than depression, and winter depression. Also, there has been less research has been done. We don’t know exactly what it is.”

“For people with a poor self-image can be confronted with people in bikinis and shorts, which in their eyes will make you look good”
Claudi bockting think about is a professor of Clinical Psychology

What are the causes?

“We think that it is worse, and less and less sleep due to the hot weather it has a significant influence on the development of a zomerdepressie. Especially to someone who has been feeling down or have a negative opinion about himself. In addition, it can help people with a poor self-image be faced, with people in bikinis and shorts, which in their eyes will make you look good. As well as a sensitivity to light, may have a role to play.”

“Well, there’s the social pressure: in the summer, the feeling of loneliness is increasing. A lot of people are going to be outside, the terraces are full. If you have been lonely, or depressed, it is the contrast between you and what you are on the street, there is an even bigger deal. There is also a bigger stage for the extraverten in the summer. But, fortunately, not all introverted people have an zomerdepressie, but it’s a lot more to prevent it.”

Any Tips for a zomerdepressie

  • If you pull anything from people who have only nice things seem to do it
  • Keep in regular patterns, and, to the
  • Exercise and sport, no matter how tired you are.
  • To pull you, try to get people to see
  • Do the things that you’re fun to find, even if you do not feel like
  • Plan leisure activities in the
  • Keep in mind that this life is not to leave the stage

What does peer pressure mean?

“In the summertime, it seems everyone have some fun and a social things. The expectation is that you like it, it must have pressure to deliver. I would have to have a patio to sit on in a park or at a birthday party to go to, think about it. There is a good chance that you want to be more withdrawing and less and less are doing things that you enjoy. Just try not to do it, and don’t be a fool. It isn’t the fact that it is fun to have. You don’t know if the person who is laughing on the terrace, but it is not.”

“The process of planning fun and relaxing activities to help with depression”
Claudi bockting think about is a professor of Clinical Psychology

“For the holidays applies the same pressure, the people have the idea that they should be happy. But life is not direct, and it’s not always that much fun.”

All the terraces are full in The Hague, the netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

You can construction up for a zomerdepressie to be?

Genetics always play a role in this. It is also possible that you have a predisposition for rapid, anxious, or stressed. That you are sitting down. Or, it may be caused by what you experienced in your childhood or beyond.”

What do you do for a zomerdepressie?

“A day of rain is lost, it will not be for you. The most important thing is to be regular patterns to have a fixed schedule to keep to. Stand up at the same times, and go to bed. And no matter how tired you are exercise and sports. Look for a moment at the quiet on the street and the rain. Try to ten thousands of steps on a pedometer. Your mood is determined by the extent to which you are moving.”

“You should try something to get people to see, and somewhat socially active. And it doesn’t have activity for a large group, but something that is right for you. Do things for your own pleasure like you used to have fun thought. Even though it says you get the feeling that you don’t want to do. We know that in the process of planning fun and relaxing activities to help with depression.”

“If it doesn’t work to a pattern or to move, and when your life is disrupted, but it is a good idea to see a psychologist as well.”


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