Zimbabwe is going to be thousands of wild animals are moving because of the drought

Zimbabwe is going to be thousands of wild animals are moving because of the drought

In Zimbabwe, begins an elaborate operation to get thousands of wild animals in the country, has to move due to a sustained period of dry weather.

That is, it was announced Monday by Zimparks, the body’s natural parks and wild life of Zimbabwe, is managing it.

Over the past two months has been in the Savé Valley reserve in the south-east of the country has at least 200 elephants in the accident. The country is undergoing one of its worst droughts ever.

Zimparks is, according to a spokesperson, hundreds of elephants, moving with troops of lions, a pack of wild dogs, they hunt buffalo, a forty giraffe, and with two thousand impalas.

The animals are divided in three different protected areas in the country. “This is the largest operation in our history,” according to the Zimparks spokesperson. In mid-november, with the transfer started. It is the start of the rainy season, so that the transferred animals to have enough food in their new location.

The pastures wither and the wells are dried up

A number of countries in southern Africa are in the grip of a months-long period of dry weather. As a result the pastures wither and the wells have dried up, so that wild animals are becoming more and more difficult to survive.

Hungry elephants, in their search for food, frequently seen in urban areas. Over the past five years, there are at least two hundred people were killed as they came in contact with a wild animal.

The drought threatens to cause a shortage of food for the more than five million Zimbabweans in the rural areas, nearly one-third of the population as a whole.


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