Zero waste shopping at the local farmers market

In the weekend go to the market is not only smart for the wallet, but also good for the environment. Especially if it is a local (organic)farmers market. With these tips do your shopping without waste.

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Pro tip: choose also for those products for which there is less to look beautiful. Beauty (okay, taste in this case) is on the inside.

  • Eggs: take an empty egg carton, so that the farmers there is no new need to feed. If your box still is torn or too dirty, you can put him on the compost heap and throw a new set of questions.
  • Vegetables and fruits: use a small cotton or linen bags for the smaller pieces or a larger totebags for more bulky things such as leeks, cabbage and salad.
  • Cheese: fresh cheese from the market is often much tastier than cheese from the supermarket. Take reusable cling (Bee’s Wrap), made of organic cotton and beeswax, to the cheese in the store.
  • Bread: take a linen/cotton cloth with the loaves of bread in wrapping. So hang your self is not full of crumbs and doesn’t damage the bread.
  • Fresh or dried herbs: depending on the size/texture you can make this in small cotton or linen bags to stop, in canning jars or in reusable boxes.
  • Biscuits, cake, pastry: in addition to all the delicious healthy things, we are also often tempted to buy goodies. You can reusable tin, steel or plastic boxes with lid bring. At some farmers ‘ markets also fresh granola bought, which you do not want to miss. Also, you should take a reusable box or a weck jar.
  • A large basket or trolley with wheels is handy if you don’t want to drag you down with all of the small bags. It looks, moreover, it is also just fun. Some panniers or baskets, you can also of your bike, and in carrier bag use.

We are a fan of local farmer’s markets because they are fresh, delicious and sustainable products. So we pull up like on the first Saturday of the month to MARTA, the market of the city. Do you want to know more about the farmers market and sustainable living, come on 22/09 (17.55) to the OFFF festival and attend our panel discussion with the ladies of MARTA, fashion designer Ilke Cop, Maarten of the app For Good and Wim van Cook & Herb.


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