ZeniMax wants $ 6 billion in damages in Oculus Rift’s case

ZeniMax wants $ 6 billion in damages in Oculus Rift’s case

Photo: Oculus

Gameontwikkelaar ZeniMax wants Facebook 6 billion dollars in damages to pay for the use of stolen trade secrets.

That sets a lawyer of ZeniMax during the slotpleidooi in a lawsuit between ZeniMax and Facebook, reports Law 360. In the case is the Facebook acquired Oculus centrally, that, according to ZeniMax is based on their stolen code and secret information.

Former employee John Carmack could code from ZeniMax have been taken when he joined Oculus to work, according to the prosecutors. Oculus denies this. The company already has a prototype of its VR-glasses before Carmack came in contact with the company.

In addition to a compensation of 6 billion dollars wants to ZeniMax also individual damages of Oculus-executives John Carmack (to 101.4 million dollars), Palmer Luckey (206 million dollars), and Brendan Iribe (427 million dollars).


The required compensation is higher than ZeniMax had previously indicated. According to a damages expert of the company would be the theft of trade secrets between 1.3 billion and 2 billion dollars damage have been done.

According to ZeniMax, the fee is higher because Carmack would have admitted that he has thousands of e-mails copied before he took his job at ZeniMax left. Luckey denied earlier in the case certainly to have made use of stolen code.

The jury has still not about the case spoken. It is therefore still unclear whether Oculus and Facebook of bedrijfsdiefstal be assessed.

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