Zenderbaas the Dutch radio station 3FM, it is satisfied that the luistercijfers will rise again

Sharid All of which for more than a year, zenderbaas of the Dutch radio station 3FM, they believe that the luistercijfers, the station elevator will go to. The radio station is faced with a declining market share and see the competitive drive to be located away.

“Of course it’s frustrating,” said the 38-year-old All of this in a conversation with the AD price. “But, you see, for the first time since I was zendermanager, that we will not fall. The Dutch radio station 3FM is a huge steep fall, but for now we are stable. From this position, we are going to once again climb up, I’m sure of it. On the radio it goes extremely slowly.”

According to the zendermanager there in the past year, much has been done to increase the market share to gain. “Not all of it is, perhaps, right, sight, and sound. It is also part of the non-sexy things such as business. But the most important thing is the programming and music format are now gone. I am very pleased with the results.”

The same success as in the glory days of the station – ten years ago, it reached a national radio station 3FM, with a market share of less than 10 per cent, it is not the aim of it All.

“Constantly being compared with the Dutch radio station 3FM for many years, it is not fair. Realizing that the world has changed, and the music industry as well, with platforms such as Spotify. ( … ) But we’ll have to do that topzender will be joining in the big drink.

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