Zack Snyder stops directing Justice League to death daughter

Zack Snyder stops directing Justice League to death daughter

Photo: AFP

Zack Snyder explains his work as director of Justice League down to the death of his daughter to handle. Snyder lost his daughter, Autumn in march.

The director and his wife Deborah, who is producer of the film, loved the suicide of the 20-year-old from the publicity.

Opposite The Hollywood Reporter explains Snyder after the tragedy in the first instance, on his work collapsed. “I thought that my mind would oppose to me a lot with the work. But in the past two months I have decided me to withdraw from the film to my family, to my children who really need it. They have it all very difficult. I have it very hard.”


Autumn was Snyders daughter from a previous marriage. Together with Deborah feeds he has seven (step-)children. And that’s for the director was a lot more important than Justice League, so let him know. “I want the movie great, I am also a fan, but that pales to this. I know that the fans have this worry will make about the film, but there are seven kids that need me. And ultimately, it is just a movie. A great movie, but it’s just a movie.”

Studio Warner offered the director on the release date of Justice League move, but the Snyders chose the film to others. Joss Whedon takes the reins from Snyder.

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