Yvonne Coldeweijer will find botox in vlogs ‘ridiculous’

Yvonne Coldeweijer will find botox in vlogs ‘ridiculous’

Yvonne Coldeweijer sees himself as an example for the people who are her vlogs. Therefore, she finds it “ridiculous” that some of the other vloggers there for. botox or fillers to be sprayed to attract more viewers to attract.

“In the Shed!-period I ingeramd that I am an example for my viewers. That I still have in my mind. I have to be myself, but I don’t need everything to show,” said the 30-year-old presenter, in conversation with Flair.

So there was a period in which they are very unhealthy at and consciously chose not to share with her followers. “I knew that I by a phase had to go, so I’m going to something not in my vlogs.”

Coldeweijer will find that people who are seen as role models would have to be better to think about what they give. “What must a person of fourteen thinking, like you, their example, the signal that you are not beautiful enough? Just be happy with who you are. I do not exclude that I am on my 45th ever have a little botox’m going to use, but come on say, some of those girls are not even 25 and can no longer frown. I think that’s really bad.”

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