Yvonne Coldeweijer had after the previous relationship difficulties with men confidence

Yvonne Coldeweijer found it difficult to get men to trust, after her ex had cheated with seven other women. Other people believed the vlogger is not fast anymore.

“I moved to my suspicion not only on men, but on the whole of humanity,” says the 32-year-old Coldeweijer in conversation with the Beau Monde. “In the beginning I thought that everyone lied, but that was a pretty short phase.”

The vlogger says that only now begins to penetrate that they themselves are too much allowed in the relationship. “Apart from the lying and cheating, he was really a nasty person. Coercive, dishonest, manipulative. Why did I meebuigen and pleasen? In therapy, I’ve learned my limits better.”

Now is Coldeweijer a year and a half together with Pim, with whom she is currently looking for a property. “He has clearly indicated that he seriously has a future with me, want to build. In the past, he has partied. Perhaps there is somewhere still a bad boy in him, but the beast in him has been tamed.”

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