Yvon Jaspers would like to have a ‘mysterious woman’ want to be

Yvon Jaspers would like to have a ‘mysterious woman’ want to be

Yvon Jaspers would be best to find a mysterious woman like to be, but that is according to her not in. The Farmer wants a Wife presenter also wonders whether men really are so cool.

“Do you want to get cozy in bed, or just exciting and distant? Hard to get play – I can’t do that, no day”, she tells the women’s magazine Libelle.

Jaspers can say that not even a surprise for her children. “German spitz, my daughter of 11, find that very stupid. That says: “Mom, you don’t say what you for my birthday bought, hear!” .


The announcer says that they might not be lefgozer is from an airplane dares to jump, they dare always to say what they think.

“Hondsbrutaal, so you would also be able to call. (…) You know, I never drink alcohol, I didn’t agree. But as a teenager I already saw to their peers that they are with a glass in dare to be like I always was.”

Wanted period

In the interview, the presenter also has the “wild period” that she experienced before her husband Pieter met. “I saw life as a big playground, where everything fell experience.”

Although she now says ‘a good wife and mother’, she looks back with a good feeling at this time. “That I’m 10 years have played, I’m quite happy to”, says Jaspers.

“I learned a lot from it. So, I know now that in every man a very small boy is hidden, as in every woman is a little girl hidden. If who find each other,” said the presenter.

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