Yvon Jaspers: “More than 75 children have been born by the Farmer wants a Wife’

Yvon Jaspers argues that the Farmer wants a Wife, make sure that there are more than 75 children have been born, because the parents of the children in the other datingprogramma have met any of them. That said, the show is on the web site of the TELEVISION SERIES.

“I would never have dared to dream of being a tv show, for many of the participants have such a positive impact that would have on their lives. There are marriages to be closed, and there are now more than 75 children have been born, because their parents have come to know through the Farmer wants a Wife. That is something to be thankful for as a result.”

At this point, the participants in the eleventh season, is still trying to find their new love. According to Jaspers, if the creator of the program, those in the know for long enough to keep it a secret, because the farmers are too far off to the pictures without close supervision.

“Because of us, but it is also used by farmers for the last couple of years. They know better than anyone how it feels to be the one on the other, to be vulnerable to such a wide audience on television. The club is also committed and honest and that is worth its weight in gold. Without their courage and openness that would be Farmer wants a Wife, would never have existed. I’ve got a lot of respect for it, and we, as creators, to take care of our farmers, and briefschrijfsters/writers, as well as you can.”

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Jaspers is also involved with the new season of the farm

Well, it is also concerned with a new season on the farm, where she wants to be, the current debate about the agricultural sector in the spotlight.

“On the farm of his wonderful stories to tell about the love, but in the meantime, we are well aware that there are a lot of other stories to be told and must be. How is the life of the farmers and the environment both now and in the future will be like. That is all of us. For me personally, it is a huge motivation to get on here very often application programs have to make.”

The eleventh season of the Farmer wants a Wife starts on Sunday 23 February at 20: 25 on NPO1.

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