YouTube makes advertising in antivaccinatievideo’s impossible

YouTube, after complaints from advertisers has made it impossible for ads to show when antivaccinatievideo, says YouTube at BuzzFeed News.

Videos and channels that the use of vaccinations is actively discouraged, shall, in accordance with YouTube in the category of “dangerous and harmful content”. In these videos, no ads, set YouTube.

YouTube tightened its policy after the earlier news of BuzzFeed News, that an error in the algorithms of YouTube discovered. Although searches with the word ‘vaccination’ no antivaccinatievideo’s produce, such videos are recommended after the playback of reliable videos around vaccinations.

That antivaccinatievideo’s were against the rules of YouTube with complaints. Advertisers withdrew back to it. YouTube would be advertising this week also have restricted after the discovery of a large pedofielennetwerk.

Also antivaccinatiereclame on Facebook

Recently turned out to be that advertisers their ads on Facebook can focus on vaccinatieweigeraars. It would also be possible in the Netherlands, but especially in the USA happen.

Facebook would be the targeted advertising on vaccinatieweigeraars now examine and also consider measures against posts and pages that the vaccination of children to actively discourage.

Vaccination coverage is dropping in western countries

The past years have relatively fewer parents in western countries have their children vaccinated. In the US, is currently an outbreak of measles and also in Europe, the virus is becoming more common.

In the Netherlands, the vaccination coverage declined in recent years. Now is still only 92 percent of the children vaccinated against serious diseases. This share is below the critical limit of 95 percent, making the chance of contamination increases.

The Second Room therefore wants the government to measures to look. So would the nurseries, for example, can be prohibited to non-vaccinated children to take on or would parents cut back on child benefit if their children are not vaccinated.


Much more common measles in Europe: This is going on


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