YouTube eases policy to violate rules of conduct

Users who the rules of YouTube violate them, will not more at the first offense be punished. YouTube eases from Tuesday the penalties for misconduct on the platform.

At the very first violation is the content that is to the offense led by YouTube, but users get for it from now only a warning.

After the first warning lead all of the following violations to a strike, in the name of the user. Each strike is accompanied with a sanction. With three strikes in ninety days time, a channel will be deleted. A strike expires after ninety days.

The first warning is not covered by that system: that is only once sent and will not expire. Previously gave a YouTube for the first violation, a strike and a livestreamverbod.

The first strike means a ban on live broadcasts and a uploadverbod of a week. A second strike follows a ban of two weeks.

YouTube wants to be more transparent

YouTube makes the penalties more evenly to avoid confusion. According to the company understood some YouTubers not why they are, for example, a livestreamverbod received for an infringement that don’t have anything with livestreamen had to do.

YouTube promises in the future, be clearer about why a user is punished. In the past, complained about a lot of YouTubers that the company is not transparent about and users are not allowed to solve problems.


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