“YouTube-algorithm removes evidence of war crimes Syria’

“YouTube-algorithm removes evidence of war crimes Syria’

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The actions that YouTube recently take action against extremist videos, also ensure that important evidence about war crimes in Syria disappears.

To say that journalists and researchers in the region. News site Middle East Eye reports that private videos are gone, just like the Syrian oppositiesite Orient News. Also videos that were used in the trial of Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning have been removed.

Eliot Higgins, founder of the onderzoeksjournalistieke site Bellingcat, complains about the new policy of Google. “YouTube my account is now suspended because of videos from Syria I 2-3 years ago. Nice anti-ISIS algorithm you have there, YouTube”, tweets he.

According to Higgins, among more videos of attacks with chemical weapons are gone. Such videos would be important evidence in criminal proceedings against leading figures of the Syrian regime.

In a blog post reported, Google recently that the number of deleted videos in the last month has doubled, and that three-quarters of the extremist videos is tracked by smart software instead of by people.


According to Higgins, is the ability, however, to far. “Ironically, it makes YouTube by years old oppositiekanalen to remove before more damage to the Syrian history than ISIS could ever hope for”, he writes.

The account of Higgins was restored, but all his videos, and playlists appeared to have disappeared. The Bellingcat-founder says that the playlists among others, were used by organizations that are violations of international law studies. “No idea why the playlists along with the videos removed would be”, tweets he. “Anyway, there is a lot of research destroyed.”

Google has not yet on the matter responded.

YouTube has now suspended my account because of videos of Syria I uploaded 2-3 years ago. Nice anti-ISIS AI you’ve got there, YouTube.


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13:09 – 12 August 2017

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