You’re eating too little fibre; you get there are, however, plenty of inside

Whole wheat is very healthy. However, we will get there en masse to be a little on the inside. Two of the professors in the nutrition of the reasons why it is important to have whole grain products to eat and how to make sure you get enough whole grain fiber intake.

It has been known for some time that dietary fiber is good for your health. Enough fiber eat, will reduce the risk on coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The Voedselconsumptiepeiling 2012-2016, however, revealed that only 5% to 10% of the Dutch population, the recommended amount of fiber to eat: 30 grams of dietary fiber per day for women and 40g for men).

Three of whole-grain bread per day is enough

“Also, we all know that fibre is not only from the fruits and vegetables you can get. You will need to have nutritional value also, fiber produced from the raw grain, whole grain products, and so on”, says professor dr. Lisbeth Mathus-Vliegen, emeritus professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Amsterdam, the netherlands.

According to the national nutritional guidelines of the national Health council, which Mathus-Vliegen, on yesterday you would be well advised to get a 90 grams of whole-grain food. That equates to three whole grain bread.

“We eat too little whole grain,” says also to prof dr Fred Brouns, professor emeritus of Innovation in the Healthy Food at the Maastricht University. How can that be? We have to eat too few plant-based foods and too much refined foods which have no fiber and have more in the present, and a lot of white rice, and white bread.”

Raw grains are good for your health, that are found in whole-grain products. (Photo: Gerards)

Whole grain products are made from the whole grain of wheat,

A grain of wheat consists of three parts: the meelkern (the inner one), and the germ (the lower part) and the bran (the coating). The germ and the bran contain the most fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Whole-grain cereals and cereal products, in contrast to the “white” grain products made from the whole grain of wheat.

White bread is made from wheat flour, which is the middle part of the grain that it contains.

Whole wheat bread, and wheat bread are a mixture of plain flour and whole wheat flour. Bread is made from multiple grains and seeds. Mathus-Vliegen: “It may be, of wholemeal flour are made of, but it doesn’t. That is why you should be well on the box.”

Only if it says ‘whole wheat’ in the name of the bread used, it is for sure that it is whole-grain bread, it is. On the label of a loaf of bread is, in any case, whether there is whole wheat flour it is used or not. Thomas ‘ hospital: “Do you, do not be fooled by the color. The bread can be colored with a toasted malt flour, or caramelized sugar.”

The different types of bread

  • White bread: white flour
  • Wheat/whole wheat bread: mix the flour and whole wheat flour
  • Bread: flower, seeds,
  • Whole wheat bread: whole wheat flour
  • Whole wheat bread: whole wheat flour, plus seeds

Complaints about whole-wheat rusks, biscuits and crisp bread

In addition to whole-grain bread, other whole-grain products such as crackers and biscuits. “The problem with this is that it has not been checked for how ‘dark’ they are, ‘says thomas’ hospital. “With whole-grain bread, you know that. Whole wheat bread is made with 100 percent whole wheat flour.”

Also, foodwatch has concerns about whole-grain cereals and cereal products. The consumers ‘ association had recently presented to the Dutch Advertising Code Committee complaints received about a dozen companies in the. It was going to be the products, such as rusks, biscuits and crisp bread in which on the package says “whole grain” was listed as white flour was being processed. The commission, foodwatch the same, and found that all ten companies are in violation of Eu regulations to trade. It provides information about the food must not be misleading, may have been.

With wholemeal pasta, there is also the question of whether it is at least 50 percent whole grain flour provides. Mathus-Vliegen: “Whole-grain pasta products are better controlled than that of the product, but not as much as a loaf of bread. Day by day three-whole-wheat sandwich to eat, or do you think Mathus-Vliegen, therefore, it is best to quit.

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