Your ways and how to keep them: the do’s & don’ts for the festival summer

Your conduct in our festivalartiesten, and how they live.

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As Post Malone stagedivet at Rock Werchter festival, catch him on.

You know Post Malone (the American sterrapper that with his recent album Beerbongs & Bentleys record after record is broken) of his monsterhit Rockstar. Sometimes he tries quite explicitly to that song title to life. Like last year, when he during a concert in the U.S. the public in jump. Only: no one catched him, and so rapte Post but further from the ground. ‘I felt like Jack Black in ‘School of Rock’ tonight, when I stage dived and nobody caught my fat ass’, tweette he afterwards. Catch him while you can, at Rock Werchter.

… still love you @PostMalone

— Maddy (@Maddyoconnorr) September 25, 2017

felt like jack black in school of rock tonight when i stage dived and nobody caught my fat ass. wish i had lil uzi body

— Beerbongs & Bentleys (@PostMalone) September 25, 2017

Let women and little ones with Fever Ray.

“Tall people, please stand back and give space to the shorter ones.Women to the front’, was the motto of Fever Ray when they are this spring, the AB arrival. To obey is the message, when they go Klub C at Rock Werchter quit. If only because you singer Karin Dreijer, a self-proclaimed angry young woman – listen to her youngest, is a rather explicit picture Plunge but after – not evil want to see.

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Embrace the beard of Alex Turner.

There was in the run-up to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, the new Arctic Monkeys, but one topic: the goatee of Alex Turner. A certain Eabha Lynn found him so despicable that they make a petition against started, titled Banish the Beard. Over three thousand people signed them. Turner remained phlegmatic under. “There is a petition? I Had no idea’, he responded when a German medium him asked. And then: ‘But it amuses me.” Interpret as: ‘I no ball care.’ Put you in down at Rock Werchter.

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Behave as a good Samaritan by Migos.

At a recent concert in Iowa, they came two hours late and, for Primavera, they had to default after a missed flight. The chance that hiphoptrio Migos you soon at Les Ardentes a long time will let you wait is great. Very large. Could that be due to car breakdown on the way to the festival, pitch them a helping hand when you see them along the side. A Nissan Altima can your part. That is what a good Samaritan gift received after Migos rapper Offset in a similar way from the need, had helped.

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Don’t buy Ed Sheeran tickets from the second hand.

Forty minutes. Longer had Ed Sheeran, the boy next door of pop, not need to use all the 60.000 tickets for the Belgian concert, on July 1, on the Werchterweide, out the door to get in. Neither you – nor your ma a card on the head can tap and screens you are already months and months of hopeless the doorverkoopsites to still a to get, stop doing that. Sheeran and his team will do everything to tweedehandstickets invalid – 10,000 of them in recent days blocked. Only with your own identity is you. Though you can always try again under the name ‘Linde Merckpoel’.

Come with a camera that is not too close to Josh Homme.

“He broke my friggin’ camera.’ At the end of last year, during a christmas concert of Queens of the Stone Age in California, gave the world’s most notorious red light rocker a photographer a kick in the face. The lady in question had to spend the night in the hospital. And Homme would that night have more harm. After the camera incident he did the audience as being ‘retards’, and insulted in one breath the group that after the Queens played: “to Hell with Muse!’ That last we can still énigszins understand.

Blame Dua Lipa is not that she is her own New Rules break.

In New Rules, will undoubtedly be one of the anthems at Tomorrowland and Pukkelpop, the British-Albanian pop-diva Dua Lipa a few rules that can help you about your ex to become one: pick up the phone and not in front of him; two: do not let him inside; three: don’t be friends with him. But when Buzzfeed at the beginning of this year highlighted that la Lipa again had contact with a former boyfriend, accused many a fan her of violating her own rules. ‘Sis, you broke the new rules,” said someone on Twitter. Dua Lipa had not just on him, walk away, and replied, ” Sis, get a grip.’

Sis, get a grip

— DUA LIPA (@DUALIPA) January 24, 2018

If Kendrick Lamar M. A. A. D. City bet on Pukkelpop, kweel not blind.

The n-word fifteen times in the conscious song, but when white rapping you better not be too loud. On the American Hangout Fest was a woman, who by Lamar himself on the stage was called, the anyway. Which Kung Fu Kenny the music stillegde and her to the bar, cried: ‘You got to bleep one single word, though.’ You have been warned, later in Kiewit.

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