Young talent: Davy Denduyver making it big with Lost in the World

Upside Down, the kledingproject of the young Belgian label Lost In The World conquered within the country and abroad, but who holds the pen that these jackets and shirts skillfully improves (or verbastert)?

© Tommy Mitchell for Lost In The World

The 24-year-old Davy Denduyver has just graduated as a graphic designer, but laid the foundation of his career on his 19th. When his father died, he had an outlet necessary to the treatment process to support, and he started his own clothing line. “Hence the slogan and theme of Lost In The World: negative things turn into something positive and make them your own.”

A lot of artists use their misery as a source of inspiration

Denduyver: “That’s right, I don’t think they are that negative feelings per se convert it into positive. Furthermore, I want people with my work is also to encourage, so she can be more open about ‘negative’ feelings. It is ok that you are not constantly “top it!” feel, it is also ok that you are about to communicate – via any medium. The Upside Down project is the perfect example of that.”

Davy Denduyver © Tommy Mitchell for Lost In The World

The are all vintagestukken that you are working with I guess?

Denduyver: “that’s Right, that is a way of upcycling, but also an exercise for myself: my materials as limited as possible. An old Levi’s jacket, two brushes, and a alcoholstift – what can I do with it?”

The comparisons with the punk scene are not far away. What say you to that DIY world?

Denduyver: “The feeling that everything is possible. Since the age of thirteen, I go to hardcoreshows and that is very no barriers, the audience is the band, as the band has done that also between the public. That to me has always been motivated to hear. I also made fanzines at that age, something perhaps unthinkable seems as a teenager, but why not, if you have pen and paper at your disposal. That feeling shines now hopefully some in my clothing line.”

Somewhere is your message a bit counter-productive. You want people to look beyond what the big industry them presents, and set to work yourself, but at the same time, you also want that they are your clothing purchase, right?

Denduyver: “I know what you mean, but not everyone has the ideas or the creativity to do it myself and sometimes it might also be overwhelming to the first step, the first penstreek.”

And can you use them there not help? By, for example, on the basis of their story to create something?

Denduyver: “That is since short as possible – but I need to communicate better, because I note that this is for a lot of people still not very clear.”

Understand people at all, what you are doing? How is the general response?

Denduyver: “The response is surprisingly positive (laughs). Especially the United Kingdom, probably because streetwear and the punk scene, there also are very large and their roots. Generally I get very enthusiastic responses, although I notice that some ‘fans’ the concept wasn’t entirely understand: each design is different, and if they exceed a certain jacket saw with someone and they want that specific jacket, then they have bad luck. That is of course very difficult to my concept: people first, the idea behind it, and only then the product.”


© Jonas Reubens for Lost in the World

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