‘Young person with debt will have more to spend’

‘Young person with debt will have more to spend’

Young people up to 21 years with creditors to get, keep will soon have more money left over to get by.

The amount creditors are not allowed to come, the so-called beslagvrije foot, is for this group increased from 300 to 800 to 900 euros.

That says state secretary Jetta level of client (Social Affairs and Employment ) Saturday in the tv-program Till. The proposal has yet to by both Chambers, but they expected that the plan in this government’s term of office can be realized.


Level of client simplifies the system to the beslagvrije foot. Because it is now so complex, it often happens that the beslagvrije foot too low is identified that people have too little money left for living expenses.

The beslagvrije foot is based on the bijstandsnorm. Because for young people under the age of 21 is very low, they get so low beslagvrije foot. In the context of the simplification is everyone aligned so the edge of the beslagvrije foot for this vulnerable group. They get a chance to live their lives to rebuild, according to level of client.

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