Young people get Tuesday question about stamceldonatie

Young people get Tuesday question about stamceldonatie

Photo: AFP

More than 190.000 young people who, last year, eighteen years, can assess whether they are as stamceldonor want to register. Minister Edith Schippers of public Health suggests that demand for the first time in the letter that they submitted annually to young people sends about organ donation.

The letter about organ and stamceldonatie goes Tuesday.

Organ donation happens after death, but the transplantation of stem cells can be understand in life. Thus, people can be saved who suffer from leukemia or another form of blood cancer. Because it appears that the stem cells of young donors, good catch on with patients, the request is sent now, along with the annual letter.

The foundation Matchis began last year with Schippers a campaign to stamceldonoren to recruit. That resulted in 58.000 new notifications on, so that the counter is now at about 150,000 donors.

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