‘Young muslims attach less value to faith than parents’

‘Young muslims attach less value to faith than parents’

Young muslims in the Netherlands attach less value to faith than their parents. They find it less important and bring the islamic rules and will use less in practice.

That is apparent from an examination of the religious beliefs of young muslims by sociologists of the University of Utrecht, says Trouw Saturday. The researchers follow starting in 2010, five thousand Dutch students in their development. Also their parents took part in the survey.

A third of the girls whose mother is a shawl to wear, which is not itself. When the guys go a third of the boys and less to the mosque than their father. That the urgency of system of believe decrease would be seen in the fact that young muslims, on average, more drinking, less fast with ramadan and more pork to eat than their parents.

Despite the increased secularization among young muslims remains a religion for a large part of them is important. Three-quarters finds faith just as important as their parents. Professor of sociology Frank van Tubergen argues in the paper that “identifying as muslims remains strong among young people, but the observance of religious regulations is declining”. Religion would be for them more a private matter.

Under a part of the young muslims would religiosity are correct, increased. For 17 percent of them is the faith more than it is for their parents.

The secularization in christian young people are going to be faster, as would appear from the research. They lose more faith. More than half of them find religion less important than their parents.

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