‘Younes is also in the picture is in the Werder Bremen and Sampdoria’

Clubs in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, up to the 31st of January, selections will be strengthened. In this post, you can read all of the transfernieuws, confirmed the deals to the wild rumors to the contrary.

Transferupdates-four hours ago,‘Younes is on the radar of three clubs’.
There are already rumors that Amin Younes by, This will be changed to Lasse Schöne on the Genoa, but there are many more pirates on the coast of the pingelaar. The German Werder Bremen, and will be the Italian Sampdoria would be the ex-following his departure to chelsea want to be rid of his dead-end situation in the Right. Younes made it clear in 2018, with the transition year for This and it came up 23 times in the Neapolitan service. (Source: Tuttosport)Transferupdates · 5-star‘Such as blocking the transfer Richarlison to the United’
Marcel Brands, has a new manager, Carlo and Such as have been told that all of the bids on the Richarlison straight in the recycling bin you can throw at them. The Italian coach, is a Brazilian attacker, no matter what it will cost in Liverpool, england, even though it would be at Manchester United for 80 million euro for him and left. (Source: Daily Mail)Transferupdates · 6 hours ago it‘s Competitor, The Young will leave Barcelona on a rental basis
Frenkie de Jong is a long time in a competitor-less in the centre of Barcelona. The Aleñá on a rental basis for the season against Real Betis. The 21-year-old Spaniard, came in this season and in behalf of the Catalans, down to just four matches in La Liga and is one match in the Champions League. (Source: the-Real Betis)Transferupdates · 7 hours ago –‘after a very touching Meh to lose to Levski Sofia
Stijn Spierings seems to be the winter break for his side to go left. The 23-year-old midfielder would be allowed to enjoy the specific attention of Levski Sofia, that’s a half-a-million euros for him and why. Meh, has an expiring contract in Dublin, so this is the way he is, his current employer is still a bit of money. (Source: the Fa)Transferupdates · 8 hours ago‘Mourinho wants to be reunited with the Old’
It was Jose Mourinho is reportedly a lot to see around The Bale in the winter transfer back to North London to pick it up. The Portuguese manager, and the vleugelspeler of Wales, and had worked previously together at Real Madrid, to the satisfaction of both sides. That He is serious about, it would be clear from the offer that is ‘Right’ in preparing:, Christian, Eriksen, and 30 million would be in the direction of Madrid, to go on. (Source: The Sun)Transferupdates · 8 hours ago theBox would Orejuela re-lease’
Luis Orejuela seems to be at the moment no chance to get it in the Box. The Locals like the Columbian right back again and rent it out, as soon as the last few years, leased to Cruzeiro. The Brazilian club for the lump sum of 1.5 million euros, however, is not to pay. Flamengo and Santos are now the main candidates to be Orejuela temporarily in bodies. Ajax has set as a prerequisite, however, is that it is full salary for the right back over. (Source: UOL Esporte)Transferupdates · 9 hours ago tothe City and invest in the future and want to Ihattaren’
The performance of Mohamed Ihattaren player falls outside of the Netherlands. According to several media, which by the way, not all of them are equally reliable, the seventeen-year-old midfielder has attracted the attention of Manchester City, that’s quite a want to invest in the future. Ihattaren should be the long term successor to David Silva, who is with Manchester after this season and leave it. (Source: Calciomercato)Transferupdates · 10 hours ago“In the Hag to show that we aren’t going to Ziyech can do’
Where a number of players to Amsterdam to leave, it seems that the coach, however, will just have to wait for the Johan Cruijff ArenA, and to continue to be. “Erik ten Hag after the summer, easy in a single season. To him, let me not go, even though I know he’s on the to-do lists appear in the big European soccer clubs. The door is still closed, thus providing a firm Overmars, who is to co-operate with a transfer from Hakim Ziyech. “I have to say sometimes to him, ‘You can do, Mr. Ajax, can be. Why would you want to leave?’ However, if you are honest, you will find Hakim’s 27 years old, was at its peak. If he can, that he has in mind, then it would be on our way.” (Source: The new york times)Transferupdates · 11 hours agoOvermars: ‘Harder to keep the selection intact, and to keep
This past summer, has remained relatively quiet, with Ajax, in regards to starting players, but technical director Marc Overmars is expected in the summer, crowded-to-get. “It was during the past summer, ed.). horrible, our players are drawn, but already in a very early stage, we have a lot of guys made some arrangements in order to move on. And with the changes in the contracts, it is us that will be successful. This summer, I would have expected a lot of hustle and bustle. It is difficult to make the selection to preserve. Because of our agreements known as the players of Ajax is everywhere beloved.” (Source: The new york times)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:26Barcelona bold new bid for Neymar’
FC Barcelona will once again try to get Neymar this summer, it is relatively young. That tells ESPN. The Catalans see the Brazilian’s follow-up to Lionel Messi.Transferupdates · yesterday, 22:02 theCoach of Oostende to the FIRST
On the eve of the KV Oostende, with the 5-0 lost to Charleroi, the Belgian club announced that the coach Kare Ingebrigtsen for the Cypriot FIRST off. The Norwegian coach had only been in the summer and work at the beach and the sea. Before this, he worked for four years, I will be responsible for Rosenborg.Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:50‘Lasse Schöne in the interest of Rome’
Lasse Schöne will be possible after half a year already gone to Genoa. The 33-year-old Danish midfielder is in the apparent interest from Napoli, reports the AD. The Italian club, currently eighth in the Serie A, you will Need Younes in the deal process. The German attacker to be in the Right, not on the goals of computation.Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:59, Valencia has player redundant Right at Osasuna
Toni Short, who, in the last half of the year due to the PSV was in the center of Valencia, to continue his career at Osasuna. The Spanish full-could not find the jars to break in Eindhoven, and did not even speelminuten in the Premier league.Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:50 pmChelsea after the end transferban may be in the market
Chelseas transferban expire on January 1, and the club wants to be there and may well make use of it. In the several British media will be talking about Jadon Sancho, Wilfried Zaha and Ben Chillwell, if possible, reinforcements. The Manager is Frank Lampard may be a little bit of amplification to use, after being at Southampton for the third time in four games onderuitging (0-2). “We’ll just have to win, especially at home.” (Source: various Uk media Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:18 ofAbelardo’s interim coach for Espanyol
Espanyol have a new (interim)coach: Abelardo Fernandez. The Spanish coach, as a player ever: Johan Cruyff at FC Barcelona, and was, and will be at the end of the season with the La Liga club. He was the successor of Paolo Machin, of which there are only ten matches he was in at the club. Abelardo was training up until last summer, Deportivo Alavés.Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:28 am‘, the Boca Juniors are redeemed Tapia of development this year and wanting to Team’
Renato Tapia is reported to be in the interest of Boca Juniors. The Peruvian, who we’re going to have to be contented with a place on the bench, has been approached by the Argentine nation. “I’ve heard of Boca, which is a very big club. I’ve got a contact up in June of 2020, so we’ll see what happens,” he says about it. (Source: Ole)Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:07 amLiverpool, and gets rented out to Wet the Philips back
Nat Phillips, who is due to Liverpool this summer it was rented out to a Second-Bundersliga club VfB Stuttgart, will again return to Anfield. That’s what makes the club through the use of Twitter well-known. The 22-year-old central defender in January, all of which can be used for ‘The Reds’. Philips has yet to debut in the beginning of the club.

We have reached an agreement with Stuttgart for the Nat Phillips to return from his loan spell in January.
Phillips will return at the beginning of the next month and be eligible for the Top matches, starting with the FA Cup tie against Everton.

AvatarAuteurLiverpool FCMoment of plaatsen10:59 pm – december 27, 2019Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:39 am‘Hertha BSC are in agreement with Xhaka’
The player, Granit Xhaka was on his way to Berlin, germany. The midfielder is, according to his agent, José Noguera agreed with Hertha BSC. The two clubs have yet to agree. (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:34 amMr. fear for the departure of Agüero
Josep Guardiola will prefer not to be in the moment when his striker Sergio Agüero (31) will be off. The contract of the Spaniard to Manchester City, is running this summer, and the midfielder has indicated that it would like the country to return to. “Agüero is replaced, it will be one of the biggest challenges of my career, because he is irreplaceable,” said ‘The’ at the press conference. “I’ve never seen such a big star who is so humble and funny.”Transferupdates · yesterday at 09:22Real Madrid and is reinforced by Fabián Ruiz’
“The Royal” is back in the squad for the coming season. The People have to Fabián Ruiz is now a player of Naples, according to the AXIS that is almost in for this coming season. Real-fed in June, according to the midfielder, but the Spaniard decided to have a year in Italy in order to continue to be. This time it’s under the sports section, however, do not touch. (Source: ASH)Transferupdates · yesterday at 09:11 inthe Stream, ” could not a lot of Real rumors
Donny van de Beek has been long been linked with a move to Real Madrid, but following his departure to chelsea and says that he will not have a lot of those rumors can be. “These are things that you don’t really have to go. You know, that’s part of the process. You have no control over this. You just can’t do it. Anyone can write what they want to do, that is, the time from now on. It is now a very, very bad.” (Source: bbc news)Transferupdates · yesterday at 07:45 pm‘Strootman on a list of requirements for Hertha BSC
Kevin Strootman could be the move to the Bundesliga. According to the magazine, Hertha BSC, namely, to be interested in the midfielder, who is currently under contract with Olympique Marseille. The German club is reported to have an extensive list of requirements: in addition to Strootman will be well-Julian Weigl (Borussia Dortmund), Granit Xhaka (Arsenal) and Luke Tousart (Olympique Lyon) is called. (Source: France Football)Transferupdates Thursday, 17:47‘Ibrahimovic returns for AC Milan
Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns for AC Milan, reports Sky Sports Italia. The 38-year-old attacker, according to the television station until the mid-2020 and be drawn in to number eleven in the Series, with the option of a further year.Transferupdates Tuesday, at 11:32 am

Trainersloopbaan Alan Pardew:

1999 to 2003: read the rest
From 2003 To 2006-West Ham United
2006 To 2008: Charlton Athletic
For 2009-2010, Southampton
2010 To 2014: Newcastle United
2015-2016: The Crystal Palace.
2017-2018: West Bromwich Albion.
2019: ADO Den Haag

Notable achievements:
Promotion with West Ham in 2005
The FA Cup final with West Ham in 2006
The FA Cup final with Crystal Palace (2016)
Coach of the year in the Premier League, with Newcastle (2012)

Transferupdates Tuesday, at 11:19ADO: “Very excited about the vision Pardew’
Pardew is an experienced trainer who is able to in England with a good track record it has. With both West Ham United and Crystal Palace achieved a 58-year-old former professional soccer player in the final of the FA Cup. “He has a lot of experience, and that is particularly important in the current situation,” said general manager, Mohammed Hamdi, the current number of seventeen of the Premier league. “During our discussions, we are very enthusiastic about the vision of Alan and the way he is, the way up might be able to find it with ADO Den Haag, the netherlands.”Transferupdates Tuesday at 11:09Het was already in the air, but now it’s official: ADO Den Haag proposes the way of Alan Pardew as the new coach. He was in the degradatienood site of the club, Alfons Groenendijk, who earlier this month resigned because he felt the team will not work.

🗞 , We’ve got some news!
🤝 Alan Pardew is the new head coach. The experienced Englishman will be responsible for the remainder of the season and will take on Chris Powell as an assistant.
#WelcomeAlan #WelcomeChris

AvatarAuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen11:00 am – december 24, 2019Transferupdates · every Tuesday from 10:29 toJones was to the fore with the resignation of Jan Olde Riekerink, first as an interim coach and then on a permanent basis. The 44-year-old Friesian was for many years the club is affiliated, as the head of the education, as an assistant coach and as a football player. With Heerenveen, he will go as number eight on the Premier league’s winter break, in.Transferupdates Tuesday, at 10:05 pm, Heerenveen extend contract of coach Johnny Jones, to mid-2022
Johnny Jones continues after this season, the head coach of Heerenveen, the netherlands. The Frisian club to extend his expiring contract in two years, as technical director, Gerry Hamstra, through this special christmas message to be known.

🎅🏻 You a merry christmas and a happy new year to you!🎄
And….. A special christmas greeting from Gerry Hamstra ⤵️
#EenmetHeerenveen 💙

AvatarAuteursc HeerenveenMoment of plaatsen10:02 pm – 24 december, 2019Transferupdates · Monday, 10:10‘Cavani signs voorcontract on the Trophy’
Edison Cavani seems to be on his way to Atlético Madrid, and if we are to rumors, in the corridors are to be believed. According to Sky Sports, the 32-year-old striker, already a three-year contract with the Spanish powerhouse. Cavani goes on to the end of the season, his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. It is not clear yet whether the Uruguayan in January or in the summer, with the move to the Spanish capital.Back to top

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