‘You want It ‘Darker’: Leonard Cohen lost first single from new album

82 he is today, but still in the fleur of his life. Leonard Cohen lost on his birthday, the title track from his new album ‘You want It ‘Darker’.

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‘You want It ‘Darker’, as is the fourteenth plate of the man with the distinctive deep, sultry voice. It is the successor of the excellent ‘Popular Problems’ from 2014. Never (or almost), Leonard Cohen disappoint his fans. And that will not this time be different. Insiders speak already about ‘a masterpiece’, a ‘Cohen classic’. Exactly about a month is the full-length album in the racks.

In anticipation trakeert the graceful singer and gifted songwriter on a first taste of that, right on his 82nd birthday. Title track ‘You want It ‘Darker’ going on a fearless exploration of the religious spirit, this is how the master number. The sound, the intriguing groove, reminds him of his childhood.

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