You need to know about tick bites

You need to know about tick bites

Starting in april, takes the number of ticks in the Netherlands again and that means that people who visit the forest, the dunes or any other green area extra need to watch out for this beast. talked with two experts about the consequences of a tick bite and how to bite can avoid.

“A tick must be removed as soon as possible to be”, says Kees van den Wijngaard, epidemiologist at the national Institute for public Health and the Environment.

Sign come mostly in low bushes, for example in the dunes and in the woods. Every year 1.3 million people are bitten by a tick. According to Tim Hogenbosch, a forester in the region of Utrecht, it is to prevent a tick bite is important to keep you dress.

“Take your socks over your pants and wear for example teekwerende clothing. Also, it is smart to on the paths; character occur mainly in grass and not fall from trees, such as many people think. It is especially wise to get yourself a good monitor and have it checked out by your fellow-climbers.” Also, DEET, available from the chemist, a good way to sign to ward off.

Pointed tweezers

If you are stung by a tick, it is wise to quickly remove. There are a variety of tools, such as a special tekenkaart, but according to Van den Vineyard is a pointed pair of tweezers the best. “Put the tweezers close to your skin and pull the tick in a straight line up and out. Disinfected only after the wound with some alcohol.” Many people think that you have 24 hours for a tick to remove, but it is important to m as soon as possible to remove. “Because within that time you can ill get a bite.”

People with a pet can be a cap to buy, the sign on the skin to kill, but unfortunately, there isn’t one for people. Of the Vineyard: “In these resources contains particles, for example, dogs to the safety standards, but that people are not secure enough. I also do not expect there is such a thing for people.”


“After the bite, it is important to about three months, symptoms such as fatigue, joint and muscle pain in the to keep an eye on,” says forester Hogenbosch. Of the Vineyard closes with: “Of the 1.3 million people annually bitten, get 25,000 people Lyme disease. Typically the disease limited to a red ring or spot on the skin, but some people are more serious illnesses.”

Both the mild as more serious forms of Lyme disease can usually be remedied with antibiotics, but each year approximately 1,000 to 2,500 people complaints, even after treatment. Tick bites can also for other diseases, but the best known and most common is Lyme. Each year, approximately 2 percent of the tick-bitten people with this disease.

Research into Lyme

“Why some people after a treatment, nevertheless, complaints continue to hold, is still unknown,” says Of the Vineyard. “Therefore, we started an investigation in which as many people as possible with Lyme a year long follow. We take blood samples from them, let the people questionnaires to fill in and keep their complaints.” In this way, hope the researchers figure out whether certain symptoms that can explain and, therefore, people with Lyme can better help.

It is expected that the first results of the research in 2019 will be announced.

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