“You need to be choosy when making a pretparkshow’

“You need to be choosy when making a pretparkshow’

In creating a show in an amusement park as Disneyland Paris, it doesn’t really matter what movie plays the leading role, as the creators, but be choosy. “Emotions are important and the music also. By selective you can create something amazing.”

In conversation with tells showdirector Aurelien Berda, responsible for the new Star Wars shows in the French theme park, that, in principle, every Disney-film to a light show that can be translated.

“In every film elements where you can choose to have a show to do,” says Berda. Tension and humor are important, but it is mainly about the details: fans must have their favorite scene from a show can get.

“Fans are very picky. They will be very critical to watch the show and so everything must be right. Therefore, you start with the details. Each major theme from the movies need to come back in a show.”

The creators are looking dozens of times to the movies that they use in a show to ensure that nothing is missing. “We have all the Star Wars movies for that reason, about seventeen times. Everything has to sit in it to make it a full story.”

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According to the director, whose Star Wars-shows from 14 January to 26 march in the parks to see, it is not very that not everybody is a fan of the chosen films.

“Our first goal is the fans entertained. Then you look further: how do we ensure that also non-fans like it? Ultimately we want the people who are not yet fan were so interested that they are the films going to look.”

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