You might have cocaine in your fingerprints

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Even if you don’t do drugs, there is a surprisingly good chance your fingerprints are traces of cocaine and even heroin. Researchers from the University of Surrey in England showed that slightly more than 1 in 10 drug-free study, participants had cocaine in their prints and 1% of the heroin, per a university in a press release on PhysOrg.

They chalk it up to the presence of the drugs in the society, with the users of the treatment of cash and other items that the wind in large quantities. The study was quite small, with 50 drug-free people, and a 15 that would have used cocaine or heroin in the previous 24 hours.

Scientists use of solvents to extract substances of the prints for analysis, explains IFLScience. They also had different topics shaking of hands and the cleaning of users showed traces of the drugs after a handshake with drug users.

“Believe it or not, cocaine is a very common environmental pollution—it is known that it is present on many banknotes,” says Surrey researcher Melanie Bailey.

“Yes, we were surprised that it was discovered in so many of our fingerprints.” The good news? The researchers were able to set a threshold and choose from the prints of the actual drug users of the innocents.

It is not just a scientific exercise: In the coverage, the Telegraph takes note of a bus driver who was fired for failing a drug test and later won a settlement for wrongful dismissal.

It turned out that he routinely dealt with money contaminated with cocaine. (This woman is by the court and sentenced for the use of her fingerprint to unlock her phone.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Your Fingerprint could Have Cocaine in It

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