‘You have the helm not to throw it in January if you feestkilo’s will”

‘You have the helm not to throw it in January if you feestkilo’s will”

After all the holidays in december, like many people in January to work on the extra pounds to lose. Many go on a diet, however, to vigorously start, warn dieticians Susan van Cruchten and Jasmine Verheijen.

“It is fine if you are on January 1, wants to start losing weight but do not do that to the extreme,” says Van Cruchten against

“I often see that the people themselves deny. That they keep for a few weeks and then lapse back into their old patterns. I always say: you need that pounds not only there in december to eat, but in a whole year.”

“It’s not about the period between christmas and new years, but to the period between the old and the new and santa claus,” adds Verheijen.

“People often want to quickly see the results”, says Van Cruchten. “But the faster the pounds off, the faster they often back down. Do you want to permanently lose weight, then you should your eating habits to adjust, and that takes a little time.”


Van Cruchten and Verheijen often get prior to the holidays already delivered to clients in their practice. “Then they ask me how they should tackle in december,” says Van Cruchten. “But actually, you have only four real holidays: christmas, First and Second Christmas day, boxing day and new year’s eve. The rest of the month you can have normal food.”

“That small period of time, over a whole year, not very much”, also Verheijen. “On days when there are parties, you need to be there to enjoy it. On other days you can just full-fledged, healthy food to eat.”

Furthermore, both nutritionists that a portion of chips or a piece of pie on his time. “Don’t be too hard on yourself,” says Van Cruchten. “You really don’t have the rudder to throw; you simply need to pay attention.”


“What I always recommend, is to in January just to “reset”. Just eat what you need: bread, cereals and potatoes, fruit and vegetables, fish, legumes, meat, eggs, nuts and dairy,” says Verheijen.

“Try to cut down the things you have in december is presented. That can be tricky, because often you will have all kinds of nice things in the house and that you also want to not throw away. Construction therefore slow down.”

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