“You can’t eat here’: Hawaii-café annoys residents with the prohibition of Trump voters

This sign was posted in the Honolulu Café 8½.

Honolulu’s Café 8 ½ gets rave reviews on Yelp for its “Radiators Verde” and “Italian stir-fry,” to except, among others, the most popular dishes of the colorful mom-and-pop restaurant, but the reaction to his new “policy” of pro-Trump patrons, it was decided mixed.

A bright yellow, hand-made, declares the sign on the restaurant door at the front: “If you voted for trump, you can’t eat here! No Nazis.”

A photo of the sign was to be shared with It is also proudly posted on the café Facebook page, and was like””, the of about 40 people.

“…The next time you are in Honolulu, at noon to eat here, you are not only on the right side of things, the food is tasty and adequate,” a Facebook user wrote next to the photo.

Others are not so enthusiastic.

Honolulu resident and Donald Trump voters Susan Roberts said she found the characters in “extremely bad taste.”

“It is childish and very unprofessional,” she said in an E-Mail. “… The restaurant owner not to worry … I will not set foot in this establishment.”

Willes Lee, a former Chairman of the Hawaii Republican party and now President of the National Federation of Republican assemblies, said the sign is discriminatory, and goes back to the “racist and hateful” days, before the rule of law.

“Remember, when Filipinos could not go, would not be allowed in certain places or Japanese [in] a lot of houses? And, no matter who is the Chinese descent voted for,” said Lee.

“People should be able to get food without hearing a political message,” an apparent former customer wrote on Yelp. “I’ll never go back.”

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the café was founded by Robert Warner, a former hairdresser Vidal Sassoon in San Francisco and a former restaurateur in Seattle, along with his wife, Jali.

For a comment Tuesday, Jali played the character of the prohibition is to be achieved. She told the restaurant is not really to ask customers whether they voted for President-elect trump, and said, even if you see that a customer with a trump-shirt, “we do not put anything [in] their food.”

“Robert not only wants to Express how much he said like Trump,” Jali. “If people take it personally or it hurts, we can’t help. This is why we say you have [a] choice, if you want to come or not come. We don’t force.”

She said three people called to discuss the character, if it went first, “this is it.”

“We want to said do not generate unrest,” Jali. “There are enough problems in the world.”

While Jali is soft spoken, Warner, some customers note, is known to channel the “soup Nazi” persona of New York City and Seinfeld fame don’t throw–“, pots and pans,” “complaining customer” and “hang-so-friendly reminders on butcher paper for its customers.”

But another Yelp reviewer has a Problem with the attitude and the character: “It was funny on Seinfeld, but this place can rot. Keep Out Of The Way. Hawaii is not like this. There are much better places on the island, as deal with extra crap like this.”

Hawaii by an overwhelming majority supported Hillary Clinton during the Nov. 8 election, and historically supported the Democrats in local and national races. In fact, only six Republicans in the 51 member house and 25 Senate GOP for free.

Now that the election is over, but Lee said most of the residents just want to get on with their lives.

“The [restaurant] owners might want a better sign,” he said, “because the trump card, which is undoubtedly in the office for eight years.”

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