You can also do this if you suspect that someone has committed suicide, is considering

It’s Tuesday’s World Suicide Preventiedag. Do you suspect that a loved one, or someone in your area might be suicidal, it is? The best thing you can do is “always talking, always asking,” says the professor emeritus of the suicide prevention Ad of the Cemetery.

Also, GZ-psycholoog Anjo van Driel, confirms this. “Speaking of, it is like the air to allow a broody witch’s cauldron. The current flows from the subject, and it is becoming less and less likely that a person initiates action.”

Van Driel is working with the zelfmoordpreventielijn 113. There is and can guide them to more people who are concerned about loved ones who commit suicide might be considered.

“We have seen at 113 which neighbors it is very exciting to be on the cards, as it is about life and death. Sometimes, as they say, I don’t want to be in it, I mention it not. When we really know is: what is the most of the help, it’s just talk.”

How do you help someone who is suicidal thoughts, has

  • If you are unsure if the call does not step up, make a call to the 113-crisislijn
  • Download the VraagMaar app, and if you call ahead of time want to use
  • Continue the conversation on, to talk takes the pressure of the boiler
  • Please Help to find some professional help
  • Just stick with me and provide a contact. Find fun things to do, distract their attention
  • Also make sure that you are good for yourself. Do you know your own limits and try to resolve the issue is not to find a solution, it’s the care giver for

How are you going to call?

“If you have reason to suspect that someone is suicidal, you just have to ask for it”, says Yard. As a former professor at the free university in Amsterdam, he did it in the past multiple times, the research into suicide prevention. “People think it’s good if you have the answer to any question. It shows that you are concerned and that you think it’s worth it.”

“If you don’t ask, you will never have to know about it. Therefore, please feel free to write the word ‘suicide’ to name a few, as you fear that it may be inappropriate. It is not like that. An example of this is: wow, I just heard you say that you are so depressed you are, that you have put an end to your life’s work.”

You can also just take it easy,” says Van Driel. “It is important to get in touch with someone to make it. Go to them, sit down and try to understand how another person is feeling. But, once you are connected, it is important to get the word to call it.”

“People will be able to use the 113-crisislijn to call them if they don’t know what they want to talk to you to address it. We also have a special VraagMaar app was developed, in which the call can stay active.”

Why it helps to talk to?

“Speaking of the pressure of the system. If you are in the binnenhoudt, you’ll be in a tunnel and quite rightly so. People are going to think: do I need to do or not to kill? When you are alone with those thoughts, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find in any other gedachtespoor to come,” said Van Driel.

What if, the person is said to commit suicide as to think about?

“As much as possible for digging,” says the church Cemetery. “In what way are you thinking about suicide, and how often? You can sleep now? You’ll be sitting there the whole day to think about it? Do you have plans, do you have pictures? The curiosity show is the best, because it shows that you think it’s worth it. You’ll be able to not have an idea by talking about it, you don’t have to fear them.”

“And then you ask: what can we do together to change the situation? What makes it so difficult to live? What are some of your most distressing thoughts and feelings? Where are you from?”

Van Driel, “It’s a lonely process to have suicidal thoughts and have. To know that you are not alone, that a lot of the problems less heavy.”

When you search for help on the outside?

“If someone is thinking about suicide,” says the Cemetery “is, by definition, always seek help through the mental health service or a doctor’s office.”

People seeking help are often long-lasting moisture. “In the majority of cases, it can be less suicidal and depressed when they seek treatment. The solution, then, is the rule rather than the exception.”

What role do you take in?

“Hang in there. This also applies to family members: do not let the person is not the only one. Enter, if necessary by him or her in bed to sleep. In your presence, people may not be as quick thinking and offers, so so long as you’re in contact with,” says Churchyard.

Proximity is important, but it is also important to take care of yourself and “Know where your personal limits are, and how much you can handle,” says Van Driel. “It’s nice to have a sympathetic ear, but don’t stay together for hours and hours at the kitchen table in order to find a solution. It’s when you are able to do that, this is not the therapist for you.”

There are also other ways in which to ‘you-are-there touch. “You can also think of several ways to get help in the form of a distraction, lots of fun things to do together, or for social activities” and recommends to the GZ-psychologist.

Are you thinking about suicide or are worried for someone else? Call 0900-0113 or have a chat via a

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