Yet singer Geike Arnaert was almost stopped, and as an artist

In the summer of 2018 was Geike Arnaert is often on stage with the guys from the BAND to the hit song Yet to be played. But in the mean time, the forty years of the singer is also busy working on her own music. In October, she did it for the first time in eight years, a solo album, Lost in Time.

That album didn’t happen just like that. “That’s when I really started, it went very smoothly, but it took a long time before I get to that point, it was,” she said to the “In 2013, I have had a couple of new songs, but it just didn’t feel right. I was just not happy with it. I have it all set aside.”

Arnaert had doubts, even for a while, if they were to continue as an artist. She signed up for a course to become a singing teacher at Complete Vocal Institute and a singing school in the Czech republic. The technique that is taught is “Complete Vocal Technique”) is that the human voice has a huge range of sounds it can produce, from the raspy grunt up to a very high whistle.

“In this training, you can approach the vocals from a practical method, it is very, very technical. It is totally separate from my work as an artist, but it’s nice to be on the other side is working on it.” For all considered Arnaert from the music industry to stop singing, did not come to her. “I’ve been singing ever since I was a small child myself. Singing is what I do.”

More of the organic electronic

Still, she managed not to get himself all the way to the zangleraarschap. “In 2016, and it started to itch again.” She went on to work with musician Joost Zweegers, and producer Wouter van Belle, who is in her overhaalden a more acoustic way. “I’m in a new direction,” she says about it. “It took some getting used to, but it did eventually get much better. In my world, turns out to be more organic than electronic.”

‘Hooverphonic is a long way away from me’

For this reason, it is not so much that of her former band Hooverphonic which she, from 1997 to 2008, the electropop and trip-hop made it the next year without her at the Eurovision song Contest, is going to. “I’m very, very happy for them and I’m sure for them is keep our fingers crossed, but their music is now very, very far away from me.”

Geike Arnaert is also coming to the Netherlands with her new music. In February, she’s in the Park, also, they are playing at the Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in January. “I’m really looking forward to it,” says Arnaert, “The use of the general public, it is largely a new thing for me, so I will try to capture it with my music. I am very, very grateful if such a thing is possible.”

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