Yellow fever after thirty years back in the Netherlands

Yellow fever after thirty years back in the Netherlands

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For the first time in thirty years, there is yellow fever laid down in a Dutch patient. The patient is in Suriname and has the disease there contracted.

That makes the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Friday known.

That is, according to the health institution did remarkable because yellow fever for over 45 years has been established in Suriname. Yellow fever is a tropical disease that is caused by the gelekoortsvirus. This virus is spread by the same mosquito responsible for the spread of the zikavirus.

The disease is not of human-to-human transferable. “In the Netherlands is no chance of an outbreak of yellow fever, because the gelekoortsmug it’s not listed here”, says the RIVM.

Approximately one in five people who get infected get sick. Yellow fever may be bleeding from the ears, eyes and nose cause, orgaanuitval, jaundice and can be fatal. More than one in ten patients dies in mind. The institute could not say how the patient in the Netherlands.

In Brazil is currently an outbreak of yellow fever. It is preventable by vaccination. “Most travelers to countries where yellow fever is present are vaccinated and are therefore protected against the disease. Also for Suriname is vaccinatieadvies”, according to the RIVM. That applies to both people who to the interior go to the coast.

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