Year old Kim Holland (50) is older are not self-evident

Kim Holland, Wednesday, fifty, has become, has no trouble with her age. However, there are former porno it is not obvious to a parent to be.

“My mother is 34, has become, my father 56. So I am every year, grateful as I was a year older word,” says the Hague Holland in conversation with Broadcaster West.

It is the opinion of the entrepreneur, is the owner of a company that porn makes women of fifty different than ‘Sara’s’ of the past. “Now, they are just sexy women who are looking for more springs have experienced and it is often quite a lot of confidence.”

25 years ago left Holland to her breasts enlarge, but botox or other interventions see they do not sit. “I have no need for. I don’t think that I ever will do. I exercise every day, do every day yoga, a little tai chi. I’m happy. And I have a lot of sex, you will become seven years younger than estimated.”

“I can enjoy my other side

Her friend Mark Kruitwagen, with whom she was about three years together, has another side in Holland released. “I can enjoy the pornokant, which everyone knows me, but I can also enjoy the other side. I also like that it’s both.”

Dutch ex Ruud Slakhorst, with whom Holland for 23 years, had a relationship, wanted her, always like to see with high heels. “I always thought that was fun. But Mark has that other side in me triggered. On the street I do him not to, but now I found out that such a pair for at home, really fine.’

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