Year-old is disappointed at real madrid following statements about He

The Chelsea manager and Frank Lampard called it “disappointing” that José Mourinho Sunday, uithaalde for Antonio Rudiger. The German defender, who is a fan of Tottenham Hotspur racist or not, it was him, it would be in accordance with the Portuguese, and Son Heung-Min, a red card is assigned.

“It was a correct decision, the value for” Son of red to give it,” said Lampard on Tuesday at a press conference. “It is disappointing that some of his integrity in doubt.”

During the derby between Spurs and Chelsea (0-2) fell and Son, though lying down He is in the stomach. The result was that the South Korean attacker has been the third red card of the calendar year.

After the wild He’s been the player not to lose weight, and be the leader of the ‘Right’ in the role of He who, in his eyes, quite dramatically, to the floor, it went off. “I wish He a speedy recovery, because his ribs will be broken,” said He sarcastically.

On a serious note, to add: “I hope that in the Premier League, the Premier League continues. To enter this competition, it would have no room for actions like that, from He. We get to play it.”

Year-old, who as a midfielder at Chelsea for a long time and was trained by sir alex ferguson, was just that England were guilty of schwalbes. “They went out a few times and is very easy to get to the ground in the penalty area.”

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London police arrest Chelsea fan racism towards the Son

Year-old supports, He is fully

After the Son of the field, was sent, was He from members of the public about racist curses at his head and swung. Former Tottenham striker argued with the help of liplezers an investigation to the perpetrators to find out. It will be a life-long impose get.

In addition, arresteerdee of London police force Monday night for a Chelsea fan to charges of racism against Son.

Year-old said that he has not yet been extended and has met with He since the incident. “Yesterday, I had the players a day off. Today, however, we train again, and I will have to talk to him. In situations such as this, I will tell my players to always be in full support.”

He is rolling all over the floor after the natrappen of a Son. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Chelsea will be playing until new year’s day, the three men at the front

Due to the incident, around the Son, and He was, there was little attention paid to the physical performance of the Home. “I thought this was our best game of the best of the season so far”, concluded year-old. “We played with attitude and the will to fight, and had the game under control.”

Year-old is hoping that his team to the line going into the busy season around the holidays. Chelsea is busy, currently in the fourth spot in the Premier League

Thursday’s are playing Chelsea, at home, against Southampton, on Sunday there is an away game against Arsenal and on new year’s day to go with the home team on visits to London.

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