Year in review: Yolanthe, Mark, Wendy and andrew to relatiecrisis

It seemed to be not very good to be able to go for well-known of the Netherlands, and their affiliates. Yolanthe Cabau, Marco Borsato, Wendy van Dijk, André Hazes, Nicolette Kluijver, all they would see it one way or the other where things go wrong this year.

It will be available for the majority of people are just digging in, but, we started in 2019, right, with a relatieramp: it was just a week old, as Wendy van Dijk and Erland Galjaard revealed that their marriage is in a serious place.

The magazines were full of it: This would be for all the charm of a personal trainer, and colleague, Rob, Boekema cases, Erland had been living away from home, and the only question was whether it would be all right.

These stories, however, were quickly into the realm of fiction referred to: Wendy and the Netherlands attended, although no longer together, but working in therapy working on their relationship. Rob, it was really not much more than a colleague, and sure enough: it was actually, again, pretty quickly, that The and the Netherlands are again together.

That is, they both make the transition to SBS was created, you will no doubt have helped: in addition to your televisieconcurrent to bed, sleep it is not peaceful.

Always the best of friends’

Entertainmentliefhebbers were not yet available from The-horror of obtaining it, or, Nicolette Kluijver had a jam crack. The Expedition Robinson tv presenter was using Instagram well-known is that she and her husband, Joost Staudt broke up, but that’s always the best of friends would.

As for the message, a few hours later, yet again on Instagram was gone, it was unclear as to what is really going on. Had to check your email occasionally having a drink too many on her Instagram page, an update, or it was a hacker, like in The van Dijk Chantal Janzen was the case?

Check your email and decided not to be too long to dwell on it, deleted the message and announced that she and Joost working on their relationship, would have to go to work. In spite of the stories about a new home for Joost, and another man to check your email, it seems that the two of them there are out of the game yet. Be sure to know we do not check your email, says there is very little about it.

“I’m so sorry’

Whether a divorce should speak or not, to be sure, it is that of the relationship of Yolanthe Cabau, Wesley Sneijder was not able to survive. The tv presenter and the footballer is announced in march that it didn’t go so well, with their marriage, and it soon became clear why.

“I’m so sorry. Certain number of times. My family deserves a rest. I’ll ask once more for respect for our privacy. We are not to be separated,” said Wesley, on Instagram. It could not be otherwise than that His one mistake had been committed, such being the conclusion.

From Yolanthe, it became clear that there was no question of a divorce, but what do you call it when two people who are married and are separated?

If it’s okay you can come, we don’t know, because Yolanthe is not a one time comment about the whole situation. One thing is for sure: Yolanthe is wearing her wedding ring any more.

A very close friendship

Some of the recent well-known Dutch person from whom you would expect it to regarding relationships was to go wrong, and went for the axe. Marco, so He appeared to have an affair to have been with the pianist Iris Hond. Many years ago, but now it was time for the third out.

The private told us to tell you that, Iris and Marco, for an edition of the Symphonica in Rosso met at the time of the bankruptcy, and Marco’s business, and for many years after an affair might have been. Nonsense, said Marco. Not the case, but those for years to come.

“At that time, was already some ten years ago, it was a friendship that went beyond what I had anticipated. In this situation, however, was of short duration,” says Marco on Instagram.

Marco and Leontine out a glow that is the case, their relationship to the head is likely to cost, Iris, little has been said about the whole situation. She went on to continue the search for the true, in their own realityprogramma. Unfortunately, they are not successful.

No hassle

That’s a marital breakdown does not always lead to interest, and the drama of having to lead it, has Monica in It, and Lars Veldwijk this year. The vlogger, and a soccer player, made in november, well-known from each other, and also highlighted that there is still an element of mutual respect for each other.

“After a few wonderful years together, we decided to part ways. There is no evidence of a fight, and our beautiful daughter will make for the two of us will always be number 1 there!”, put the two, both on social media sites.

The set proved to be longer in doubt as to the future, and for the purchase of a new home, it was to actually take the plunge: they all wanted to be still, not move.

“Whoever it is, it just makes it even more painful’

Just felt like 2019 at the latest, when a repeat of the year before, we were once again, all of the hassle between the Hazes, and, Van Westenberg, where, in the end it is still all right? No, not really. 2019 was a very different process: the two have gone after each other, and there was all kinds of drama involved involved.

Since the official announcement that the couple brought out, appeared to be produced only as a result of the have to have of Monique was on social media at the not so subtle way, made clear that she did not agree with the manner in which it was entered.

Today, André will have me as a appje to let you know that he has feelings for another woman that he spent some time in contact with them. Who is this and is it only going to be more painful. There are now a bunch of to jump to be chosen in order to have the press release out has everything to do with it,” said Monique on Instagram.

Who is this woman? Not even 24 hours after this shocking news, we got a lot of schokkendere disclosure: it was the Chart Position. The new couple was very tough to endure it on social media and well-known friends of the say that it doesn’t take a long time before the relationship comes to an end. We’ll see, for now, everything points that Bridget and andrew, along with the champagne, sitting down on new year’s Eve.

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