Wyoming secretary of state, accused of sexual assault by former interns

Wyoming Secretary of state Ed Murray was accused of sexual assault by a former Intern.


A woman, the inter-Wyoming Secretary of state Ed Murray ned said that he had been sexually abused, more than 35 years ago.

Tatiana Maxwell, Of Boulder, Colo., wrote in a Facebook post on Monday that the Republican secretary of state, they wrestled to the ground, lifted her T-shirt and ejaculated on her stomach, after they met in the evening at the law firm where she worked.

“One of the unforgettable memories I have of him, the box of Kleenex from the Desk of the reception handed me a cleaning lady and me after he was done,” she wrote.

Maxwell said she did not come forward immediately fear for their job.

“It was confusing to know what to do. I liked my job and was worried that someone would tell fired me,” Maxwell said.


She wrote that she met Murray years later at a high school reunion. Murray married one of the Maxwell’s classmates.

“At one point, he picked me up at the dairy dinner in the barn can, and told me he wanted to apologize for what had happened almost a decade earlier, but, again, he puts it in terms that I was irresistible, and he could not wrote a check,” Maxwell.

Murray, 59, is a potential 2018 candidate for Governor, denied the claims, calling them “clearly wrong.”

Murray wrote in a statement the allegations “deeply hurtful for me and my family, and to all that I serve.”

“I struggle to understand what someone could be added to motivate this kind of allegation,” Murray. “But when you consider that this statement was made, in the context of the #metoo movement, I would like to take this moment to acknowledge the General importance of this conversation, to reaffirm that my commitment to an ally for the women.”

Maxwell, who is a company that has a handful of residential real estate in Wyoming, is a major donor for the democratic party, but they insisted that their charges against Murray was “very, strictly personal,” and in no way political.


Maxwell gave more than $37,000 to democratic candidates and causes since the late 1990s, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Maxwell ‘ s Facebook photos include you posing with 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She said she knew that Murray was thinking about running for Governor, to the Reporter contacted her on Thursday, she told an interview with The Associated Press in a telephone.

“I carry it around for 35 years and there is no question that the national conversation was helpful and, you know, empowering,” Maxwell said, referring to the several other women who recently accused prominent men of sexual misconduct.

“I didn’t know then, and I had not known for years exactly what to do. But what I do know is, my children don’t want to, I want my daughters to ever go through the same thing. If my task is to get up and heat, then so be it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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