World cup rugby starts, and without, the Netherlands, in Orange, there is four-year to be at?

With the world cup rugby over the next month and a half in Japan, and is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, in a sport that, in the Netherlands a little history behind it, but it is growing rapidly. The Dutch mannenploeg, it is to be a future world cup-a dream that is becoming a more realistic goal.

“I’m a very optimistic person, but I think it’s real, that it is possible that the Netherlands will, in the future, the world is going to play,” says Dirk Nationals, leader of the Orange. “There are a lot of people in the Netherlands for rugby that that is impossible to look at it. However, they are still living in the past, and that rugby union in the Netherlands is to relax with a beer and a game to play.”

In the last few years, has stood the test of time considerably professionalized in the Netherlands. Nationals has been practising the sport on a amateurbasis. “You know, I am available seven days a week. There is really a topsportcultuur, and we have to make in the last few years, progress in the English fortnight.”

The New Zealander Zane Gardiner has Amber since last summer, with a new head coach. He has the task been to continue to build on the work of its predecessors, and it stood the test of time in the Netherlands is to continue to grow.

The members of the rugby association, the team is a nine-year period rose to sixteen thousand, of whom about nine thousand youth members. “That’s a big part of the success of the Dutch team,” said Gardiner. “And the ceiling is not yet in sight.”

The New Zealander was the former coach of Orange under 20, and that he was in for a surprise, with the bronze win at the junior european CHAMPIONSHIPS. “The mindset of the younger players in a very professional manner. Over the next few years, more and more of them are in Orange, and that it will be interesting to see how looks the Gardiner is hopeful moving forward.

Dutch captain: Dirk Nationals. (Photo: Rugby (The Netherlands)

Her talents in the academy is being groomed for the top

It is the foundation for the future of the Orange seems to be solid. Eleven years ago, it opened its doors in The Hague, the Dutch rugbyacademie, talented individuals from the age of twelve.

In the meantime, there are also in the city of Alkmaar, Hilversum, Heerenveen, the netherlands, in Nijmegen and ‘ s-hertogenbosch, six academies for young players. In addition, since 2014, a National Talent Centre in Amsterdam, which is where the best talent is to be completed in time for the summit.

The rugbytalenten a topsportstatus within the Dutch olympic committee NOC*NSF), which makes it a flexible education that can be offered, depending on the schedule. Due to the countless hours of training to shoot to the level the skills up, find Nationals. “Recently, a team of academy and won a junior section in Wales. This was a couple of years ago, it really is impossible.”

“I have in the past for a couple of years ago, training was given to Carl Flowers, who was a freshman named it was. In the meantime I’ll play with him in the Dutch team, and he is semiprof in the city of Montpellier, one of the biggest teams in France”, said the leader of the Orange.

There are an increasing number of Dutch talents, who are to go to France, the united kingdom and New Zealand, at the professional level have their sport, too. “You’ll see that the top holes, that is what is happening here,” says Gardiner. “The Dutch rugby union is getting respect.”

Final Of The European Trophy For The 2018/2019

  • 1. Portugal, 5-25
  • 2. The netherlands, 5 to 18
  • 3. Switzerland, 5-12
  • 4. Poland, 5-10
  • 5. Lithuania, 5-5
  • 6. The Czech republic, 5-1

Amber fails at the promotion of

The primary goal of the head coach with the Orange, bringing the European Trophy, the European Championship, where the best of the European countries that are not among the world’s best are playing against each other. Last season, the Dutch finished second in the Trophy, but behind Portugal, which has been, however, promoted to the Championship afdwong. In this competition, countries can qualify for the world cup.

“We’re getting closer and closer,” see Gardiner. “With the teams we have had for a regular Championship, with countries such as Russia and Romania, the reports. Orange, in my mind, a high level, it is now important that we are constantly going to be doing it.”

“We have hiccups for a few years for this promotion,” said Nationals. “Such a step would really help, then it is also easier to get more sponsors, to find out.”

According to head coach Gardiner has been the biggest achievement of his predecessor, Gareth Gilbert, and that he was from the Orange stable, high-performing team, it has been made. “In the past, jumped to the Netherlands, up and down in the world rankings, is now already for a number of years remained stable, around the 25th, 26th and 27th place. That is truth, it is good for potential sponsors.”

Zane Gardiner, the New Zealand head coach of the Orange. (Photo: Rugby (The Netherlands)

Amber hopes to expand world cup

With the current 25th place in the ranking belongs to the Orange and just do not among the global elite of the elite. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Japan in twenty countries. Brett Gosper, the chairman of the global bond from the World of Rugby, but last year, you might consider the world cup to expand to 24 countries, and may already be on the issue of 2023, in France.

“That would be, for countries such as the Netherlands, great news,” says Gardiner. “I do think, though, that it’s going to happen, and it is in the best interests of World Rugby, the sport is growing and in more and more countries have become popular. It is still on the roll spoken of, and I think they have the world cup in Japan, to wait and see before making a decision.”

World Rugby is the world cup, especially looking at the level of the absolute, top countries (Australia, New Zealand, south africa, South Africa, Argentina, England, France, germany, Italy, netherlands, Wales, Ireland and Scotland), and the so-called “second-tier” countries, who are at the world cup usually don’t get further than the group stage. A lot of monsterzeges of the top performers, the opportunity to expand the number of participants is not higher.

“I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming world cup and, especially, to the ‘second-tier’teams,” said Nationals. “They are the absolute examples for the us, and I hope that they will find quality results will take care of it.”

“The differences in the game are very high. The British team for the world cup, and in the preparation of a budget of 200 million euros, while in Samoa it’s only 2 million should do it. It seems that plane tickets to Japan, and should pay for it. It would be very nice if the countries have limited ability to do very well at the top. At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2015 stuntte in Japan, for example, from South Africa to win it, so that it can be.”

The world cup begins on Friday at 12: 45 (local time), with a match between host nation Russia and Japan, in Tokyo, japan.

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