World cup Fortnite: in Four Dutch people are competing for millions of dollars in prize money

This weekend is the final round of the Fortnite World Cup, the game’s publisher, Epic world championship of the cube from the popular game Fortnite. The four Dutch citizens are competing for the grand prize, which, out of a total of more than $ 30 million (27 million euros), already exist.

Fortnite has over 250 million registered accounts in the last two years, has grown to become one of the most popular games in the world. This is partly due to the popular game mode is battle royale, where one hundred players will compete against each other to be the last man standing.

In the finals of the world championship will consist of two parts. Saturday’s record fifty teams of two players compete against each other in the event of the year for a couple. On Sunday it was the turn of the one hundred and solospelers.

Schedule of the world cup Fortnite:

  • The end (the duo), The games will start on the 27th of July at 19: 00
  • The end (of single), The games will start on the 28th of July at 19: 00

In total, four Dutch for the final round of the tournament and managed to qualify for it. They are all four in the finals, as a couple, and they are just like the rest of the participants, a guaranteed $ 50,000 in prize money.

  • It is going to be Achieved by the Friends, as mitr0 as a duo, with Kyle Jackson, a Briton, who will be playing under the name of Mongraal.
  • One of the duo is entirely in Dutch: Quinten van der zijpp, went on, in his name, as well as Levi Edelijn, whose character’s name is Lnuef wearing it.
  • Finally, it will play Dave, a Young, under the name of Rojo and his team-mate Wolfiez, or Jaden Ashman from the United Kingdom.

What will the final look like?

Well in the event of the year for solospelers as well as for a couple, there are a total of six bottles. In addition, the one-hundred players in a virtual Fortnite-the island is placed. While the playing field is shrinking, they have each other to turn off, until the last person is left.

For each opponent that a player has it off, he gets one point. In addition, there are points to distribute to the players that it is a relatively long time. In this way, the winner of the game with ten bonus points.

The points these players or pairs in the six jars to earn it, they will come to a list of the top right. The player with the duo at the end with the highest score will win the final.

What’s up with that $ 30 million?

In total, it distributes the Epic, almost 30.4 million dollars for all the participants. The singleplayers that are, ultimately, at the end of 21, up to and including one hundred of the rankings, they get it, and anyway, the $ 50,000. The couple, who are from the eleventh to fiftieth place out, earning per person is also $ 50,000.

Who does a better job, earn more money. The prize is in the amount of $ 3 million to become the number one in both the singleplayers as a couple. The participating Dutch people can, so it may be up to 1.5 million dollars per person to enter, on condition that their team-mate in the first place, to know how to achieve it.

Where can I see the final look!

The event will take place in New York city, but qualified for the finals are available for viewing on the website of Fortnite, YouTube, and Twitch.

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Bugfix: In a previous version of this article, it was noted that five of the Dutch to participate in the process. This is not true: there are four Dutch Fortnite players.


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