World Class: Naushad Rahamat is the best Belgian bartender 2017

The bartender of the Antwerp Cocktails at Nine will represent our country at the international final of the Diageo World Class in Mexico. “3 hard years, but I’m ready for the sequel of the adventure.”

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Naushad Rahamat of Cocktails at Nine during an exciting national final at The Conservatory in Antwerp nine other bartenders to house geshaket. He is now at the end of August to travel to Mexico, where he will be in a global final will compete against more than 50 bartenders from all over the world. How that will end, is just guess work, but one thing is for sure: they all want to Bartender of the Year 2017.

The theme this year is ‘Sustainability’. The finalists in The Conservatory created a signature cocktail that reflects the duurzaamheidstrend of this moment. They used all kinds of elements such as recycled and environmentally friendly products, food leftovers, organic ingredients and accessories, home grown fruit and vegetables and alternatives for ice cream, paper and plastic. The finalists were judged on their knowledge, the readiness of their taste buds and their own signature serve.

Exciting final

It was Yannick Draeyers (also Cocktails at Nine), Naushad Rahamat, Sofian Vlaminck (also a colleague of Rahamat) and Thomas Timmermans (Bijou) that qualify for the semi-finals of the conservatory of Antwerp. Ended up Yannick Draeyers and Neushad Rahamat in the Final Challenge against each other where they competed in the ‘speed and efficiency’ round. After a blistering finale was the Naushad Rahamat that, ultimately, victory went to walk. He knew the jury to convince with his signature serve “Kiss To Nature” with Don Julio Blanco.

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The best Belgian bartender of the year is wildly enthusiastic: “Diageo World Class was the first bartending competition that I saw. It was a goal that I had long had in mind and now I’ve finally achieved. I can’t wait until I’m in Mexico, Belgium, may represent. The are 3 all hard years, but I’m ready for the sequel of the adventure.”

The jury this year consisted of Spike Marchant (Global World Class Ambassador), Rolf Schollaert (Cocktail influencial), Jennifer Le Nechet (global winner of World Class Of 2017), Dieter Moeyaert (cocktail journalist) and Dries Botty (winner World Class Belgium to 2016 & number 4 in the world).

The wereldfinale of the Diageo World Class takes place from 21 to 24 August in the stylish Mexico city.

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