World Class: Dries Botty defend Belgian colors during wereldfinale bartending in Miami

Bartender of the Year Dries Botty is the Belgian representative during the international World Class finals Monday start in Miami. “I’m ready.’

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It is D-day. Monday collects the cream of the international bartender community in Miami for the prestigious World Class of Diageo, the world leader in the field of premium drinks. From Belgium, all eyes are on bartendertrots Dries Botty, that Saturday already with megavolle suitcases full of exquisite spirits, homemade syrups, juices, seasonings, bitters, herbs and associated tools in the direction of Florida flew. The Acquisition, in the daily life of a bartender from The Dirty Rabbit, owes its participation in the wereldfinale to his earnings during the – high-quality – Belgian final in the spring, a synonym for the nation’s best bartender in the year 2016.

The World Class, widely regarded as the world’s largest and highest rated bartendercompetitie, however, is another pair of sleeves. It is the ultimate contest in the field of mixologie. Here crosses only the best bartenders of the moment the swords and are within the imposed time limits, cocktails of the highest carat created, with as only goal: the title of World Class Bartender of the Year 2016′ at the end of the ride bringing. That there are four days long geshaket is on the cutting edge, we need not to tell.

Botty is ready for the final battle, as it turned out, before he ascended. The young talented bartender has a few intense months in the character of this one competition. Including a boot camp in London. Yet he will get the most from it should take to distinguish itself from the competition, but that’s true for all the selected offices.

Creativity and inventiveness

The World Class has three rounds in which the candidates – 53 in total – each time, different challenges need to perform, under the watchful eye of international mixologie-experts. Both technique, as charm, personality, product knowledge, and spontaneity during the presentation are of paramount importance. Excel in all disciplines is the message. And a good dose of ingenuity for the day. That’s good, because his creativity, his unique, playful style of creating cocktails, and his personality and hospitality are just Dries’ strong points.

Which drinks he doing out of his cocktailmouw will do magic? The most diverse, inventive and progressive. That will also show during his presentation in the section future drinking trends in which he focuses on the theme of environment. That is also mixologie: novelties to introduce. Botty has a few surprising in store.

Time manager

But, first things first, and that is a optimal preparation and a supreme concentration before and during the various tests. And therefore, he has Carl Van Droogenbroeck, bartender of the Antwerp bar Cocktails at Nine, brought to Miami. As a previous finalist of the competition, he knows the ropes. He must make sure that Botty is not out of his comfort zone hit.

‘The presence of Carl for me, is super important. He is the person who must ensure that I am not back to my room running when I something forgot. He checks everything, he is my time-manager and will ensure that I stay focused on my presentations. Carl is also just a good friend. And it is always important to be a friend to have supporting you.’

Or the title of ‘best bartender of the country’ meanwhile, something changed in his life, we would occasionally know. “The open course doors and it’s all a bit busy, that is a fact, but it changes me not as a person. I am still who I am. I am still the same person. I already had a pretty intense life, and that is still the case. Enjoy every moment that occurs, I think that’s important.’

All toppers

How he got his chances estimation during the World-Class does he not want to lose. “It sounds perhaps stupid, but either you estimate them too high, or too low. I want the contest to start with a neutral feeling. I’m going to do my best, and we’ll see. It actually runs not so much who is the best. Highlights are the all. It is about who is the strongest at that time.’

If you are a title winning, which cocktail do you advise us to throw a party to start ?

‘Not a cocktail, but a shot of Bulleit Bourbon’ (laughs).

“I’ll do my best to all Belgians proud.’ Come on Dries!

World Class is an international initiative of Diageo Reserve Brands. The first part of the wereldfinale is to follow via live-streaming.

Carl Van Droogenbroeck and Dries Botty

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