Workout of the buttocks, as well as exercise with the class pass, and more sportschooltrends

The summer holidays are behind us, and the National sports week is in full swing (until 29 september). To be a good time to reflect on the trends in the national sport number one: the gym.

By 2018, made up 53 percent of the Dutch population of four-years of age and older, once per week, or more often if you go in for sports, according to figures from the Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS), in collaboration with the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

The sport that is being performed is a fitness room, which highlights research in the social scientific institute of sports in the Netherlands to Form the Institute of. Personal trainer to the stars, Carlos Lens, is called the national pastime, number one.

The study of fitness is the chameleon of the Dutch sport, is mentioned, as there are constantly new concepts being developed. Ten years ago, the fitness room is still out, cardio, resistance training, or group exercise classes, but for now, there are all kinds of different things. Think aqua-fitness, boot camp, CrossFit, or bodybalance.

Trend 1: more women work out of their butt

Lens in autumn of this year a number of new developments in fitnessland. Such training, women are, according to him, at this point, especially in their rear, and there is a new device on the market that allow the hip trust, which also has the bilpartij stronger for it, and you can do it. More and more brands are making this device a according to him.

According to the study, the Mulier Institute, a growing number of fitnessbedrijven quite a bit more. Between 2007 and 2018, with an increase in the number of branches, with 78 percent of the time. The leaders of the industry are BasicFit, SportCity/Fit for Free, and Anytime Fitness. The top ten fitnessaanbieders have worked together for about a quarter of all centres in the owned and operated for more than a third of all the members of the fitness centers.

Trend 2: the subscription to the various areas of sports and

However, that position is similar to the health clubs, according to Gijsbregt-Builder, trend watcher when it comes to food and sport, and, perhaps, to get rid of. There is a large trend in fitnessland; a subscription is that you do not have one gym, you’re stuck.

With the apps, OneFit, and Classpass allows you to have all attached a variety of restaurants to go. So that you can one day go to a gym that specializes in kickboxing, the next one to be a professional yoga teacher or a day at the gym, at the corner of the street. Lens this also happen, however, according to him, it’s just a feature of the area. “In Maastricht, you can have this, for example, not at all.”

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This trend is completely in line with what the BOOK says about the self-organization of sportmomenten: in 2014, the half of the athletes competing in the sportmoment itself. It is expected that in the near future will continue to increase.

Trend 3: the so-called boutiquegyms

In the netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam, you can see the Lens is still a new phenomenon in the fitness industry. There are, according to him, the more so-called boutiquegyms. “In Amsterdam, for example, you Saints, and Stars. Since they only work with the rittenkaarten, and you’ll pay € 20 for a lesson, but then you would have a state-of-the area. Cool music, disco music, a good vibe to it.”

“Why do people that have money on them? Because it’s trendy. People want to be at a certain restaurant in the city, or at a particular nightclub, the nightlife and if you’ve got a group of people for this scene.”

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The examination of the Mulier Institute confirms that the rise of the boutiquegyms. According to the study, the popularity, mainly due to the high quality of the people here, the short-term sessions, payment for each session, and the use of technology, and the sense of belonging that people have made.

Trend 4: internet of sports

According to Brouwer, it is becoming more and more of online sports. He knows that people are online, connected to the competitions. Do long distance runners, for example, their progress on Strava, and be able to cyclists, virtually on the beach or in the mountains, cycling by Zwift. The coach of the Zwift seems like it’s on a screen, just as in the real world, the cycle, and you may be competing against each other. “Competition motivates me. The advantage of using Zwift is in addition to that, it is, therefore, ideal for the coming seasons.”

The National sports research 2016, and it appears that it will improve your health and fitness is one of the most important motives for Dutch people to get to the gym. What is remarkable is that people often play sports for fun, or for the services rendered.

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