Work under painting Karel Appel discovered

Work under painting Karel Appel discovered

Below the painting, Baby, Church, Creature of Karel Appel is a different composition appeared. The work was discovered during the shoot for the Avrotros-program The Secret of the Master.

The painting by Karel Appel was painted over bears his signature, and thus seems to be by the painter to be finished.

In 1949 completed work, Child, Church, little Creature, that in the Dordrechts Museum, with the help of the TU Delft to röntgenscans subject. The composition which this was seen is the same as that of a painting that a photo was discovered in an archive in Amsterdam.

‘Great find’

On that picture is the work concerned is located in a corner of the studio. “However, it is never found, so this is a great find,” says professor Joris Dik to the research performed.

“During the making of the programme, we presumed that it was not another painting but a kind of trial for the second painting. That idea we must now adjust. The underlying painting is off, else put you there is no signature.”

In The Secret of the Master, six of the paintings examined. The broadcast more in-depth discussion on the discovery starts at 20.30 hours on NPO2.

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