Work and travel in Australia is more expensive

The Australian government has decided that tourists from 2017 be required to pay taxes on their earnings.

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Australia is for many backpackers the promised land, to be there for a while. But the island is expensive, therefore opting many tourists make during their trip, also earn a bit of cash.

The Australian government has, however, now decided that tourists on their income taxes will have to pay. Even if they are not fixed to the pre-tax of 32.5 percent. From 1 January 2017, there will be a tax apply of 19 percent, as the government decided Tuesday.


Currently, income up to 18,000 Australian dollars ($12,000) free of charge. As compensation for this tax is the price for a visa is reduced by 50 Australian dollar to 390 Australian dollars (about 266 euro)

Many enterprises and farms, one is not set up with this “backpack”-tax. They fear that they are not cheap labour, more will find you. The chairman of the landbouwersvereniging, Brent Finlay, called the tax “unfair”.

In the period 2014-2015 were approximately 225,000 young people a work-and-travel-visa. It allows them to a year in Australia to stay, and while some extra cash. (Belga)

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