Woody Allen thinks he is in the film, it will die

Even though he was in the united states, working as a filmmaker within a foot of the ground, will, wants to be the director Woody Allen, still a long way to go to reach retirement age. If it were up to him, he died during the filming of a movie.

“I never think of my retirement. From the very beginning of my career, my focus is always on the making of the film. No matter what is going on in my personal life that happened, regardless of whether you have medical problems, or political issues. That is, it is and always will be, my philosophy is to stay,” said Allen during a press conference at the Spanish San Sebastian.

“I think I’ll die during the construction of a film set.”

The American filmmaker should be in his homeland once again, to defend against the allegations that have been made of adoptiedochter, Dylan Farrow, who is Allen of sexual abuse at the accused.

The 83-year-old, All touched by the accusations against him, among other things, the contract with Amazon is gone, so are the completed film, A Rainy Day in New York city still hasn’t come to pass.

“Europe is for me to be in a good mood’

In the South of Europe, and the way it is for All, however, are better off. Mediapro, one of the largest media companies in Spain, is a guarantee for allen’s new movie.

“I have had the luck, that the European audiences, I am always well-disposed to have been. They will keep track of my movies, and they will be in this movie, also fun to figure out.”

Allen’s new title is a tribute to the international film festival of San Sebastian. The story is about a couple (played by Christoph Waltz, and Gina Gershon), which is the festival to visit and to fall in love with other people.

The new film, All is still not clear.

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