“Women who are older than 25 when first child live longer’

“Women who are older than 25 when first child live longer’

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Women who are after their 25th get a child, often live longer than women on younger age of mother. This is evident from a multi-year study of the University of San Diego under 28.000 women.

That reports Time. The results published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Of the group of women studied reached half the age of ninety years. “What them apart from the others was that she at a later age their first child got”, tells researcher Aladdin Shadyab. Compared with women who were younger than 25 when their first child got, it was the women who erna liked about 11 percent more likely to ninety. Also, they were healthier old with less chronic diseases such as heart problems and diabetes.

In addition, women had two to four children were more likely to be older than mothers with a child. This gold, however, only for white women and not black women.


In their research kept scientists consider a number of factors that the longevity and the choice to have children can influence, such as the age of the mother, her race, education, income, marital status, BMI, smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of birth control. Even with these factors taken into account there was a clear link between a higher age at the birth of the first child and increased life expectancy.

The study has no clear explanation for the connection, but according to previous research, social factors such as income and education characteristics of the access to health care for a woman. Women who later in life children get to decide this, because they longer want to study and have a career to pursue. That often leads to a higher income. The greater access to health care ensures that they live longer.


In addition, women who have two to four children have been generally healthier than women with one child. The fact that they were able multiple pregnancies to accomplish is simply an indication of their good health and their greater chance to grow old.

Despite the results call to the researchers, women in their pregnancy. According to Shadyab brings it at a later age having a child is significantly more risks for both the mother and the child.

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