Woman sues Disneyland Paris for dizziness after roller coaster ride

Woman sues Disneyland Paris for dizziness after roller coaster ride

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

A French woman is claiming compensation of Disneyland Paris. They would have to ride in the roller coaster Space Mountain in 2013 permanent dizziness have perceived.

The Space Mountain is a popular roller coaster in which a space is being simulated.

During the ride, the passengers in the cars several times on the head. At the attraction are numerous warning signs for for example, people who are pregnant, soon to become dizzy or a bad back.

The ride gave birth to Marie (whose surname is not disclosed) is not good. After Space Mountain, she felt extremely dizzy, a feeling that also a care giver that is her to help forest could not take away. He promised her that the nausea and the disorientation would go away.

Debarquement syndrome

But the dizziness did not disappear, not even after a night of sleep. Since then, Marie is no moment to be known without the symptoms. They can no more right to walk and can not work normally, report French media.

Physicians have found that they suffer from the ‘mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDS). This feeling of ‘seasickness’ in the country is more common in people who have sailed, rowed, or surfed. But about the general disappearance of the symptoms after a few hours. In rare cases, fatigue, insomnia, headache and poor coordination persist.

To the disease is, as yet, little research has been done. Especially women seem to be the brunt to be of a long-term MdDS, with major consequences.


The woman is since January 2015 with Disney in negotiations over compensation for her illness. The park asked for a compensation of 30,000 euros to give, but the woman takes no pleasure. Her lawyer says that Disney, with this proposal of fault is known, and that the wife is entitled to a larger compensation.

Disneyland Paris ordered French media to know not to want to respond as long as the park is still in negotiation with the victim. “We’re going to come out”, a spokesman know. The woman, now 27 years old, threatens, however, to court order her to get compensation.

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