Woman claims Emirates kicked her disabled son off flight: ‘Where is the humanity?’

A mother with a disabled son claims Emirates kicked them off the plane because of his epilepsy, despite the fact that medical competence.

(Thanks to Isabelle Kumar)

A woman claims that her disabled son was removed from an Emirates flight on Wednesday because he suffers from epilepsy.

Isabelle Kumar, EuroNews journalist, was traveling with her family, including the son of Eli, from Dubai to France on the last leg of a journey home from New Zealand when they ran into trouble.

Kumar, here with her son Eli, claiming they had medical approval for him to fly.

(Thanks to Isabelle Kumar)

Kumar wrote on Twitter that her son has autism, severe learning difficulties and epilepsy, but he had a medical certificate from his doctor to fly.


“We told Emirates every step of the way that Eli had epilepsy (and autism) but when we asked for a seat with an empty seat next to it in case he had a seizure, she suddenly wanted the medical certificate,” Kumar told EuroNews.

Thanks @emirates for the removal of our family, of your flight. Our son has epilepsy: we had been told, just come 14 hours from Melbourne, received from his doctor on the phone & medical statement, while still on board. He has #autism and severe learning difficulties – v traumatic.

— Isabelle Kumar (@Isabelle_kumar) July 25, 2018

The mother called the experience “traumatic” and say that her children were “completely distraught and humiliated.”

“It was the lack of humanity that we found really shocking. The employees were faced with a child with a severe disability, but she threatened to call the police if we don’t, even though our bags were still on the plane,” Kumar said.

Kumar claims that once the family was removed from the plane, Emirates staff agreed that Eli was cleared to travel, but at that point, they were forced to find a new flight home.

As soon as the kick-off for your staff immediately agreed that he is fine to fly as he is with each and every flight with @emirates. Now there is no flight home. Kids totally distraught and humiliated. Where is your humanity?

— Isabelle Kumar (@Isabelle_kumar) July 25, 2018

“7 hours after we were meant to be on your flight with @emirates and still waiting… we thought that you have a solution? Where is it? Now, please,” Kumar tweeted along with a picture of her family waiting at the airport.

7 hours after we were meant to be on your flight with @emirates and still waiting… we thought that you have a solution? Where is it? Now you can…

— Isabelle Kumar (@Isabelle_kumar) July 25, 2018

The family was finally able to get another flight to Geneva, but Kumar said the whole thing left them “disheartened and exhausted.”

Emirates and apologized for Kumar on Twitter, writing: “Emirates are very sorry for the distress and inconvenience for you and your family today. We want to assure you that our priority is to find a solution for getting you to your destination. One of our colleagues reached out to you with new travel.

However, it seems that the apology was too little and too late, as Kumar said: “I am sorry we were not your priority is a solution only found it because we searched for and when finally someone kindly came on to the shift in the relations with the customer. It took 8 hours – we had nothing to eat or drink as we tried to work out what was going on.”

An Emirates spokesperson has the following to Fox News:”We are very sorry for the distress and inconvenience caused to Mrs Kumar and her family. Such situations are usually difficult for operational staff to review, and they chose to act in the best interest of our passengers safety and on the advice of our medical team. Our customer service team in contact with the family, and we have offered them a free stay in the hotel in transit and rebooked on another flight departing today.”


Kumar said: it is challenging enough having a special needs child, but even more so when he is faced with unfair treated.

“You face endless challenges having a child with a disability and being treated with respect would help, but we never give up, and this will not stop our journey as a family. I will think twice before travelling with Emirates,” Kumar said. “Where is the humanity?”

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.

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